February 9, 2012

Downies (2)/Russells - Round 19

Lance's head swiveled to the side after Rudy blindsided him with a slap to his cheek.

"What the hell?" he demanded.

Ruby propped her hand on her hip. "I wish I'd never met you! You're terrible!" she accused.

Lance rubbed his stinging cheek.  Okay, so he'd been a jerk when he first met her.  He'd gone home with her brother Randy & had proceeded to tease her unmercifully... but... holding a grudge for that long!

This chick was certifiably crazy!

"Look, if you didn't want to work on our homework together, you didn't have to come over! Geez!"

Ruby tossed her hair over her shoulder. "No, I said what I wanted to," then sauntered out of his house.

"Crazy!" he said as he watched the door close. "Certifiably crazy!"

He couldn't wait for his Dad to get home so they could talk about the game...

And shoot a few hoops!

The next day Jane Carter came home with him. She was so sweet and nice.  She didn't try to slap him with her crazy self - not even when he leaned forward to steal a kiss.

And Gloria! She loved to talk about sports almost as much as he did!

He still loved tossing back a few hoops with his Dad, though.

Whitney had discovered a love of science and could often be found looking through her telescope.  Even in the rain.

She swore later that she actually saw her body get hit by the lightening as though it was happening to a stranger...

"Gotta go! Gotta go!" Whitney frantically whispered as she ran to the bathroom.  Something about being hit by that much electricity seemed to cause her bladder to run haywire.

Gary, the neighborhood grouch, apparently took exception to the fact that she'd been using the telescope during the daytime.  (Oh come on, Gary! How'd you even know being as how you SHOULD'VE been in your coffin! Camilla is going to be mad at you!)

Whitney cuddled up against Victor.  It was nice to have these quiet moments when Lance was either studying or playing ball.   Although, it made Whitney sad to think that soon Lance would be gone to college.

Carters (5) - Round 19            Downies (2) - Round 20

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  1. wow baketball, lightening strikes, lots of action!


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