February 17, 2012

Creelmans - Round 19

Opal felt the stirrings to travel again.  She craved an adventure like some people craved coffee.  Packing her bags, she left a note for her parents and headed to the airport.  There was a little island that she'd been hearing about...

Signing in for a cozy bungalow, Opal dropped off her luggage and went in search of adventure.

Seeing the tour guide in the front, she greeted him. "Let's get ready to have some fun together because I want to see it ALL!" she told him.

The tour guide saw dollar signs flash in front of his eyes.  "Yes, yes! We shall see it all!"

Somewhere along the way, Opal heard about a Shaman.  Eavesdropping, she listened to the directions to his home and made the trek out. 

"I can't talk! Too much is broken!"

Opal shrugged. "I can help. Do you have a wrench?" she asked.

He looked at her blankly.


"Ah! That I have!" he said excitedly as he looked around for the screwdriver. 

Soon, he was back in business.  To show his thanks, he handed her a voodoo doll.  "Only use it when you're sure of the outcome you want," he warned.  "It has great power."


After leaving the Shaman, Opal found herself at a beach, watching a hunk perform a fire dance.  He handled the flames so gracefully.  Slipping him some cash, she asked him to show her how to handle the fire the same way.

"Heeeeeey," gestured a local.  "I saw you perform the fire dance. Hot! Hot!"

Opal laughed.  "It wasn't that bad!"

"No! You are a very hot lady!" he told her.

Opal smiled.  "You're not too bad yourself," she told him cheekily.  "So, you know this place, take me somewhere amazing!"

After a few drinks and some local cuisine, Opal wound up relaxing with his friends in the hot springs.  "Who's up for a game of truth or dare?" she asked.

Looked like the night was going to get interesting!

Opal stretched and yawned as she felt the mattress shift.  Opening her eye a crack, she saw the local creep out of bed with his clothes bundled in his hands. (Really? A shirt & boxers for undies? Where did he keep them? Under the grass skirt?)  Putting her hands to her head, she sighed, trying to remember exactly what had happened at the springs...

Welp, she thought, that was probably enough adventure this time!

Feeling like a thief in the middle of the night, Opal checked out and waited for the taxi that would take her to the airport. 

"WELCOME BACK!" Her friends called out when her taxi pulled up.

"Guys!" she cried.  "How'd you know I was back?"

Lindsay smiled. "We've been talking to your Mom.  She told us when your flight got in."

Opal feigned anger, "And no one picked me up?! Rude!" Spotting Kevin, her heart softened.  She walked up and gave him a hug.  "How are you doing Kevin? Since... you know... since Leah..."

Kevin smiled and squeezed her shoulder. "I'm okay. It's hard, but I'm taking it a day at a time..."

Opal nodded understandingly.

Smiling brightly, she asked the group, "Who wants presents?!"
Buckling down & concentrating on work, Opal mastered the yoga skill. 

Being so physically fit definitely proved beneficial to her adventurous career!

Being retired, Jody and Adam had plenty of time to develop hobbies, as well.

Some more successfully than others...

But, no matter what hobbies they developed... they still made time for each other.
(So excited! Only need to get Sports now, which Opal is working on.  Adam has mastered 6 hobbies & Jody has mastered 5!  I'm quite impressed with myself... I mean... this family!)

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  1. woo impressive with the hobby plaques. I tend to just race thru a lot and not think about the hobby plaques. Definetely a weakness in my play style.


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