February 24, 2012

Carters - Round 20

"Why did you even bother to come at all, Ashley?" Alton accused after Ashley had just mumbled something about having better things to do.

"Because! You're my son!"

Alton rolled his eyes. "Oh sure, you conveniently decide to try to be pals now that I'm a teen. Where were you when I was a baby... or a kid in school?"

"I don't know, okay? I don't have a lot of answers! I just thought... well... that maybe we could try to be at least... I don't know... friends..."

Alton rolled his eyes.  "Whatever. All I know is that Benjamin is all the Dad I need."

"So, how's school?" Sonja asked to fill the awkward silence.

"It's going well.  I'm teaching of an ethics class. The Dean said if I kept enrollment & grades up, I might have a shot of tenure."

Alton scoffed and mumbled, "Ethics. Good one" under his breath.

Sonja glared and kicked him under the table.  Turning to Ashley, she smiled brightly. "Well, that's certainly nice!"

Ashley put his fork down abruptly.  "Look, I can see I was wrong to stop by uninvited. I just thought it would nice to get to know my boy."

Alton opened his mouth to say he wasn't his boy, when Sonja kicked him again.  "It hasn't been a problem. I'm glad you did come. Alton is glad you came, aren't you, Alton?"  The threat was loaded in that sentence.

"Yeah, I'm glad," Alton parroted.

Shaking his head, Ashley stood up.  "Well, I need to get home. I'll be sure to call next time." When Sonja got up to walk him out, he waved her back, "No, no. Don't get it. I'll see myself out."

"Don't be silly, we'll walk you out!"

Benjamin and Alton hopped up and joined Sonja in walking Ashley to the door.

As soon as the door closed, Alton mumbled something about doing his homework and disappeared fast.

Sonja stroked Benjamin's cheek. "Well thank God that's over!" she exclaimed.

"What a prick!" Benjamin grumbled.

"Benjamin! Alton might hear you!"

"So? He thinks Ashley's a prick, too!"

"Don't encourage him! I know Ashley has his... faults... but he's still Alton's father..."

Benjamin stepped back, insulted. "His father? You can call him a father with a straight face? Alton's father is standing right here!"

Sonja wrung her hands. "I didn't mean to imply you weren't important..."

"Like hell!" Benjamin hissed.  "This is crap!"

"Don't be mad!  I was just trying say that Ashley is blood related, too..."

"I cannot believe this! I'm going to bed!"

"Benjamin! Don't be mad!" Sonja called after him.




Breakfast was subdued.  Benjamin wolfed down his food and then hurried out the door to work without giving Sonja a goodbye kiss.  Then, the boys scarfed down their food and ran out the door when the bus honked it's horn.

Well that went well, she thought sadly.

Travis couldn't wait to throw his first party. And his parents wouldn't be home for hours!
Sonja looked around the room, amazed by all the teens running around.  "Trent?! What is going on here?" she asked in surprise.

"Umm..." Trent searched for a good excuse, "We invited a few friends over to celebrate the start of school. After tonight, we're committed to buckling down and studying hard."

Sonja let out a startled laugh.  "Now there's an original answer! Okay, your friends can stay, but you're on clean-up duty!"

"Phew, it worked!" Trent told Travis.  "I bailed your sorry butt."

Travis high-fived his twin and then cringed when looking across the room.  "Ouch! Burn!" he whispered.

Trent looked back and saw Alton lean forward to kiss an uninterested Violet.

"She's with me, buddy. You have a problem with that?" Edwin asked, puffing his chest out.  (Edwin ran straight over to Alton & slapped him - not Violet! I'm wondering if it was because the kiss was a fail.)

"Oh. God, no! I'm sorry! I didn't know! I didn't mean to..." Alton stammered his excuse.

Violet fretted when she saw Edwin put on his masculine show.  "That's enough Edwin! No harm!"

Edwin hooked his arm around Violet's shoulder.  "Come on, Violet. Let's go!"

Alton's shoulders slumped. Phew! That was close, he thought.  He'd come pretty close to getting a pummeling!


Having a fitness center was something that Sonja had given a lot of thought.  She could see herself running a top business, socializing with her customers, leading exercise classes...

So, she convinced Benjamin to support her dream...


Awesome Fitness Center by jodemilo @ MTS

Construction was complete and she walked around, imaging what it would look like filled with happy, healthy families.

Running it would be a full-time job, that was for sure.

Good thing she was retired, now...

Reeds - Round 20               Carters - Round 21

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  1. Hahaha what a macho show put on by Ediwn. :) Ashley and Alton? I don't remember this. Urg. The hood is getting too big for me. lol Wow I am going to have to visit MTS2 and look at some community lots! I like that fitness center.


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