February 2, 2012

Carters - Round 19

Alton was psyched! He'd finally gotten that A+ that he'd been hoping for.  He couldn't wait to tell his Dad.

"Quit it!" Trent complained.  "You're bugging me!"

Travis swung his hands around.  "Not touching! Not touching!"

"Mom!" Trent yelled.

Sonja's temper was approaching full-steam-ahead.  "Go play outside!" she yelled. "Or else!"  She had to finish practicing her speech before work tomorrow.  If she did a good job, she was pretty sure there would be a promotion in store for her.   She didn't have time to deal with squabbling children!

Later that night, the boys worked on their homework.  "What'd you get for number 5?" Travis asked.

Trevor glanced back up his page.  "12."

"Ugh," Travis complained as he furiously erased his answer.  "I hate math!"

After finishing, he went to watch tv with his cats.

Benjamin shook the headmaster's hand.  "I can't tell you enough how pleased I am that my children will be attending Crumplebottom Academy," he schmoozed.

"We're delighted to have them."

Sonja waited at the bus stop for the kids to get off.  She couldn't wait to tell them her good news! She had been inducted into the hall of fame!  There would be a celebration within the next week with media coverage.  She was so excited!

Travis cried outside after Biscuit died.  "But, Mom! I don't want him to die!"

Sonja crouched down and hugged her little boy.  There just didn't seem to be words that would make this okay for him.  So, she just held him and rocked him as he cried.

"But, I don't want him to die!" Sonja cried after finding Benjamin collapsed outside.  His co-worker said that he had attempted to do some weird bathtub pirate stunt when he had slipped and fallen.  He must've hit his head.  She could feel his pulse getting weaker and weaker.

"Don't worry, I called EMS!" Sandra said.

"Oh thank God!"

Sandra cried, "I've never been more scared in my life! It was like a ghost passing by me!"

"He's going to make it, ma'am," the EMS worker told her as he hurriedly closed up the head wound.

"Thank God," Sonja cried in joy.  "He's going to make it! Did you hear that Sandra? He's going to make it!"

Alton had fallen for Alyssa Johntson... hard... but she didn't even really know he existed.  Every time he tried to talk to her, she made these faces like he was an idiot.

Maybe if he was less nerdy she would like him more, he thought...

"Come on guys, let's go for a jog!" Alton told his brothers.

"Aw, come on!" Travis complained.  "Why do we hafta go?"

"Yeah? Why do we have to go?" Trent piped in.

"Because being fit is healthy and will prolong your life.  Besides! You guys are both getting a little chubby from sitting around eating potato chips!"

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  1. I do love the teen romances in your blog XD! They are so sweet and naive.

  2. Woah another near death experience....there seems to be alot of them in Paradise Bay!!!


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