February 18, 2012

Carters (7) - Round 19

Sharon couldn't wait to deliver their last baby.  She just hoped it was a beautiful little girl with Anthony's eyes!

Kent said he hoped it was another little brother.  Sometimes it surprised her that despite being so serious about his school-work and his college admissions tests, he was so family-oriented.  She said as much to him, too.

"What? Me? Family-oriented?" he asked in surprise.  "No way! Babies cost too much!"

And as any family-oriented person would tell you - it's important to spend quality time with all of your children before a baby is born. 

Anthony took to reading Jeremy's bedtime books.


"Anthony! It's time!" Sharon yelled from the bedroom.

Sweet, little, Trevor Carter! With his daddy's eyes. :)

"Hey... he's a cute little guy," Jeremy remarked when he walked in.  "So, did you think about it any? Can I go out with Kent tonight to the game?"

Sharon rocked Trevor in her arms.  "Go ahead, but be sure to be home by 10," she told him.

Tapping Trevor on the nose, she told him, "Don't grow up as fast as your brothers, okay?"

Apparently Trevor didn't pay attention very well... because he grew up so fast! It wasn't long before he was walking, talking & playing baby get-intos! Jeremy grabbed Trevor as he high-tailed it to the bathroom.

"Oh no you don't! Last time I had to clean up all the toilet paper you threw down the toilet! No bathroom!" Jeremy pretend scolded his little brother, then tossed him up in the air. 

Sharon couldn't believe how quickly she had risen through the ranks of the medical field.  Oh sure, there were sly nurses or doctors who whispered that she'd only gotten as far as she had because of who she was married to, but she knew she'd done it on her own merit. 

But she couldn't help but feel it was time to retire...

Anthony confessed that he'd had thoughts of retirement, as well.  It would be nice to be able to spend more time with the boys before they went off to college!

Time certainly had a way of slipping away from you.  Cumin & Ginger howled after their beloved brother Spice passed away.

Spice's passing broke Sharon's heart.  She'd grown so attached to her babies and she wasn't ready to let them go!  She also felt bad for neglecting them since she joined the medical field. 

To try to make up for it, she tried to spend as much time with Cumin & Ginger each night as possible.

Worn out from throwing the stick for Ginger, Sharon trekked inside and found Anthony lounging in the bed reading.  "Well, today was a good day," she told him.  "Did you check the doors before coming to bed."

"I sure did. The house is locked up tight. And the boys are fast asleep," he told her as he opened his arms to cuddle.

Or was it?

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  1. The Grimmie party for pets is pretty nice. :) Hey is that Kristie standing there with Jeremy?

    1. Nope, that's Lacy McMillan (McMillans). :)


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