February 9, 2012

Carters (3) - Round 19

Madison loved throwing parties and she didn't care who came.  There was a mix of Seniors, Juniors & Freshmen.

Jackie had never seen such a cutie before!  She asked around and found out his name was Melvin.  Melvin Carter!

Thankfully he was just as much into her and she was into him.

Madison rolled her eyes as she watched Jackie go ga-ga over the new boy.  Didn't she know she was going to ruin her reputation?!

Madison thought it was hilarious that her little sister was dating a fishie.  "He's like a little baby!" she cooed.

Jackie swatted her hand away. "Shut up Madison! He is not! His name is Melvin and he's amazing! Age doesn't matter!"

Madison shrugged, but made fishie noises as she walked away.

Aunt Ericka walked over and patted her shoulder.  "Don't listen to her.  If you're happy with him, then that's all that matters."

"Thanks Aunt Ericka," Jackie said, unconvinced.

Ericka watched Jackie walk to her room and felt bad for the girl.  It was hard finding someone.. or something... and feeling like nobody understood.

Glancing at her watch, she started.  "Oh God! I'm late! Bye guys!" she called as she grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

She was so excited to be attending the 1st Annual Culinary Cook-Off.  Ericka nervously clutched her hands together as the judge tried each platter.  She KNEW she should've done a dessert!

When the judge placed the blue ribbon next to her platter, she felt the blood rush to her head.  "Oh my God," she cried. "I won! Really?!"  She couldn't stop herself from performing a happy dance as the other ladies looked on.

She couldn't wait to get home & tell the family!

When she got home, Ericka's news had to wait. The family was celebrating Lola reaching the top of the service career.

"You should have seen her, Ericka! She went in that cave with no fear to save those lost hikers! They're putting her face all over the papers tomorrow!" Ericka's sister-in-law, Ellen, enthused.  "What a wonderful, brave doggie we have!" Ellen rubbed Lola's belly.

Smokey hung his head and wandered off.

Ericka cocked her head and wondered if dogs understood more than they gave them credit for.

Smokey fitfully slept. He was running. Trying to escape. But, he didn't know what he was trying to escape from!

Snorting, he woke up with a start and looked around.  In the front, he saw Madison playing fetch with Lola.  With a loud whine, Smokey laid back down in front of his house with his head on his paw.

He was a famous show dog.  He had pedigree! He shouldn't feel inferior!

But he did...

 "Jesse!" Brett called out as he finished his jog.  "Good to see you, son!"

"Hey, Dad," Jesse said distractedly.  "I.. um... I came home for the weekend!"

 "Excuse me, a minute, would you?"

Brett sighed.  It seemed like his son was just as flaky when it came to girls as ever!

"And then Melvin said that he liked my hair! Can you believe it?" Jackie gushed on the phone.

Jesse glanced over at his cousin yakking away on the phone.  "Is she always like this?" he asked his Mom & Dad.

Brett smiled.  "Don't act like you didn't sit on that same phone chatting to the girls for hours on end."

Jesse blushed and pushed around the potatoes on his plate as he glanced back over at his cousin.  "Yeah, well. I didn't talk THAT much!"

Ericka laughed and patted his hand. "Of course not, dear."

Madison was so excited. She was going to sign Bandit up with the same agency that handled Smokey's career.  She couldn't believe what a beautiful dog he'd grown up to be!  She loved his little smudge of brown fur across his eyes.

"It makes him look like a Bandit!" she told the agent when she called him.

Lola snuggled with her new little puppy as Smokey proudly looked on.  They'd had a strong, strapping little boy they named Casper.

A couple nearby didn't even glance down...

They were too busy....

Downies - Round 19              Carters (3) - Round 20

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  1. Melvin and Madison...puppies..love...PUPPY LOVE...lol How much better can it get?


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