February 9, 2012

Carters (2) - Round 19

Perry knew that he could never replace the love he'd found with Melanie.  And he wasn't trying to replace her! But, he missed being in love. 

He was ready to date again.

Not in front of the kids! And definitely not in front of Ross!

It had taken some getting used to after his Mom passed away, but they'd finally wound up with a pretty good routine.  Dad was retired and would watch the kids in the afternoon until he got home.  Ever since his promotion to Business Tycoon, though, his schedule felt so much more relaxed. 

He wished his Mom could've been there for the celebratory dinner...

Jane called up her friends from school to watch KidzTube.  It was too cold to play outside, so they just gathered around the couch in the livingroom and laughed as the silly guy kicked over gnomes.

Grandpa sat at the table muttering about kids and brains rotting.  Laughing, she hugged him. "But, Grandpa! It's funny!"

Grandpa shook his head and kissed the top of her head.  "One day you'll have to watch that blasted show with your grandchildren and you'll realize how not funny it is!"

Jane laid her head against her Grandpa's shoulder.  "I'll always think it's funny!"

Perry snorted & went back to his crossword puzzle.

Ross looked at Chelsea in puzzlement when someone loudly banged on the door.

Ross opened the door to the uniformed officer.

"Are you Ross Carter?  A concerned neighbor reported suspected animal abuse."

Ross glanced around.  "Animal... abuse?"

"I have a order here to confiscate Biscuit & Tea due to neglect. Ah. There they are."  The officer ignored Ross's pleas.

Grabbing a jacket, he ran outside to the waiting car. 

"Dad? What's going on?" Melvin cried.  "Where are they taking our cats?"

Ross put his arm around Melvin.  "I don't know son.  I don't know..."

Perry stood outside the window and waved to Biscuit & Tea.  He could swear he saw forgiveness in Biscuits eyes when she turned to glance at him out the window.

"You mean BISCUIT and TEA are GONE?!" Jennings yelled.  "How could you let that happen, Dad?  I HATE it here!"

Ross glanced down at his irate son.  "Jennings.  I'm sorry, there was nothing we could do!"

"Well, I want another one! Now!"

Ross shook his head.  "It doesn't work like that. They won't let us keep any more pets.  Mommy tried already."

Ross didn't have the first clue how to help his son.  He seemed so much angrier all the time.  Jane and Melvin had always been so calm and content, but not Jennings! 

Perry walked over.  "I know just the thing.  You, young man, need more fresh air! Starting tomorrow, we'll go on a special walk.  How does that sound to you?"

"Dumb," Jennings groused.

And the next day, true to his word, Perry took Jennings out for that walk, kicking and screaming.

"Do I HAVE to go, Dad?" he whined.

Ross nodded.  "You listen to your Grandpa!"

And something miraculous happened along the way.  Jennings discovered something he liked... something he enjoyed...

Ross felt like the family was finally getting back onto solid footing.  It'd been hard losing his Mom and their pets, but the kids seemed to be getting over the trauma.  They often liked to study in the family room together.

Although... it seemed they forgot Melvin & Jane's birthday! 

For their birthday, since they both loved tinkering with things, Perry bought them a train table & a metal crafting bench.

Jane propped her hand on her hip.  "Are you sure you bought the train table for US, Grandpa? You've been putting everything together without us!"

Perry grinned unabashedly at his beautiful granddaughter.  "It seems I like the train table a lot more than I thought I would!  Don't worry, you'll get a turn!"

"Daaaaaaad! You do realize it's supposed to be OURS, right?"

Ross smiled like a little kid in a candy store.  "Just five more minutes, Jane! I'm umm... making sure Grandpa put it together right!"

Jane rolled her eyes. "Right.  Well, I'll be right over here..."

Melvin didn't even touch the train table.  He'd scraped together some cash and bought an old, beat-up car.  He couldn't wait to get this baby running!

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  1. OOpsie...pets confiscated. Have they tried going to the pet store and buying another pet? Wow looks like there is some heavy duty tinkering going on!


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