February 17, 2012

Carpenters - Round 19

Marshall pulled away from the house, happy as a clam.  He and Valerie had a few minutes of alone time before she had to get Edwin ready for school in the morning... which meant some special morning woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

Valerie had kissed Marshall goodbye, made sure Edwin caught the bus & waved good-bye to her in-laws as they carpooled to work.  Finally! she thought.  Time for some ME time!

Feeling the contractions, she frowned.

Guess that me time will have to wait, she sighed.

Welcome to the family, little Zane Carpenter!

Audrey rubbed Edwards back.  "You know, with the two little boys at home now, I was thinking about retiring.  I want my Grandsons to remember me!" she told her husband.

Edward smiled and held her hands.  "That's funny, I was thinking it would be nice to retire and spend some time with you."

"I would love that.  Let's enjoy these last years together!"

Edward and Audrey loved their Grandsons.  Edward delighted in teaching Zane how to walk and talk.

He even taught Edwin how to study.  "It's important for a young man to study hard so that he makes it far in life!" Edward tried to drill into Edwin's head.

Edward looked up as Marshall came in for dinner.  "Son! Look who came for dinner from college!"

Marshall waved as he walked in to grab a chair.  "Hey guys, how's the old Sim State Uni?"

Edward smiled.  Family. Was there anything quite as special?

The next morning, Edwin nudged Zane after breakfast.  "Hey! Time to go wait outside!"

Marshall glanced back, "Why are you waiting outside?"

"Oh no reason," the boys answered in unison.

"Why does that not reassure me," Marshall said wryly.

"See you Dad!" Edwin called back as he ran outside. "Gotta get to school!"

There was no way Edwin was missing Carmen walk by! 

"Hey girl," Edwin called out as he walked by.  "Looking good!"

Carmen rolled her eyes as she dropped off the daily newspaper.  Boys were such dorks sometimes!

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  1. Oh wait wait...wasn't Carmen kissing somebody else a few entries ago. hehe

  2. Yeah, Carmen gets around! She wanted to make sure she made it into Uni. :)


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