February 20, 2012

Carpenters (2) - Round 19

"Gary, believe me, there is nothing that I expect from  you!" Angela was ready to bang her head against the wall rather than talk to the idiot that she thought she had loved.  It made her so mad that she'd been so oblivious to his true nature!

James hung back to try to give her privacy.

"ARGH! You're such a low-life!" Angela yelled into the receiver before banging it into the cradle.  "I cannot BELIEVE him!" Angela raged.  "He has the nerve to tell me in one breath that he wasn't ready to be a father and then in the next second tell me that he's starting a family with that curly-haired, pale-skinned freak!" Tears pricked her eyes, but she was too mad to let them fall.  "Well, I'll tell you what! It's his loss!" 

James wrapped his arms around Angela and hugged her tight.  She buried her face on his shoulder and wept bitterly.  "I was such a fool," she bit out.  "It's not that he didn't want to get married.  He just didn't want to marry me!"
Not knowing how to respond, James just hugged her all the tighter.  He thought Gary was a class-A dip-shit and wished to hell that there was some way he could protect Angela from this fall-out.  "I'm here for you Angela, whatever you need," he promised.

Angela stepped back, embarrassed to have melted down in front of her co-worker and friend.  Swiping at the tears on her face, she let out a self-deprecating laugh.  "Ugh.  Real mature of me, huh? Crying like a baby!"

James could tell Angela was trying to make light of the situation, so he played along. "I don't know, I think a baby screws their face up more than you did."

Angela sighed a breath of relief.  "Stay for dinner?" she asked.  "I promise to be better company."

After preparing the salad, they sat down together and talked about their day.  They both worked at Paradise Bay Elementary. 

"I just had a crazy idea," James said excitedly.

"What's that?"

"Okay, don't say anything yet. Just listen!"

Angela propped her chin on her hand, "Ooooh... intriguing..."

"Why don't I move in and help with you Aidan?" James spit out, then noticing she was about to say something, he hurried on, "Wait! You promised to listen first! We both work together, we could carpool to work, we're good friends, we get along, I hate going home to my empty house & you need help here.  It's a win-win for everyone."

Angela seemed unconvinced. "I don't know... I can't ask you to give up..."

"That's the thing! I'm not giving up anything! I hate how empty the house is! I moved out because I thought Ross & Chelsea needed more space to raise their kids... but I hate the quiet! We could be roommates. You know, until you get back on your feet."

"Are you sure?" she asked.  "Really, really sure?"

James shrugged, "If it doesn't work out, I can just move, no biggie."

Angela chewed on her lip.  It would be helpful to have a second set of hands.  And someone to talk to when she got lonely.

"Okay, but just for a little while!"
The time passed by though and James and Angela fell into a routine.  They shared their breakfast and talked about their classes,

They carpooled to work,

And entertained their co-workers.

Things were flowing smoothly.  If there was a growing tension between them, they ignored it and pretended it didn't exist.

"Oh God, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had him!" James muttered when he walked in on Angela changing Aidan's diaper in her slinky pajamas.   He averted his eyes quickly, but not before the image of Angela ready for bed was burned into his head.  Apologizing again, he hurried out of the room and went back to the couch where he stared at the ceiling the next few hours, listening to the sheets rustle in the other room.

"I'm sorry I woke you," Angela told him the next morning as she fed Aidan. 

James rubbed his eyes and stretched.  He must've fallen asleep in the early morning.  "Look, about last night," James began.

Angela quickly interrupted him, "Please. It's okay. It was just my pajamas!"  Rocking Aidan, she quickly announced, "Well, I should put him back to bed," thankful for an excuse to leave the room.  It seemed that as soon as James woke up, the temperature sky-rocketed.  It had felt so intimate when he'd walked into the nursery with his bathrobe on and mussed hair.  She'd half wanted him to walk over to her and wrap his arms around her.  

James couldn't help but stare at Angela as they watched the nightly news. They'd watched this same show countless of times... but this time... he just couldn't help it.  

"Angela..." he began...

Angela couldn't stand it anymore! Turning towards him, she leaned in and kissed him earnestly.

"Wait, wait!" James said, pulling back. "Are you sure we should be doing this?"

Angela sat back, embarrassed to have been so brazen.  "It's probably not smart," she admitted.  "I made a mistake not thinking of the consequences with Gary and have been raising a child alone because of it."

James rested his head in his hands and looked at her. "Not completely alone."

Putting her hand on his knee, she softly admitted, "You're right. Not completely alone."

They didn't talk about it again...


Angela was so glad her family was able to make it for Aidan's birthday.  Of course Gary hadn't come even though she'd invited him.  Something about not being able to make it out this time of day.  Whatever, she reminded herself bitterly, it was his loss!"

"Happy birthday to you!" the family sang and cheered.

As they ate the birthday cake, James slipped a ring box across the table towards Angela.  "I know we haven't spoken about this at all, but I thought I would ask nonetheless.  I love you Angela.  I think I've loved you since I first set eyes on you.  I admire your strength, your character, your intelligence, your beauty... And I hope you'll do me the honor of marrying me."

Tears sprang to Angela.  "What about Aidan?"

"How can you even ask, Angela? I love him as if he were my own! I'd be proud to be his father!"

Audrey gasped in delight behind the couple.  She'd been hoping things with James would work out.  The writing on the wall had been clear from the first day that boy had moved in.  She was surprised it'd taken this long for him to propose!

"Yes!" Angela cried.  "Momma! Look!"

Audrey hugged James, "Welcome to the family, son!" she told him happily.  Then gave Angela a bigger hug.  "Congratulations, honey!"

The family had long since gone and Angela was cleaning up the kitchen.  James tickled Aidan and kissed the top of his head.  "I'll get Aidan ready for bed."

 Angela checked on Aidan before going to bed.  She knew that James had been relaxing in the bed for quite some time now. 

She couldn't help it if she was nervous.

They never spoke about they day they'd made out.  They'd just attempted to go back to their old routine.  But, there had still been a spark between them.  Whenever they accidentally touched, or caught the other one gazing at them...

The wedding ceremony was beautiful.  Audrey cried when she watched her little girl in a wedding dress marrying a man she loved and respected.  She couldn't have wished for a better husband for her darling daughter.

She had watched the love and care he treated his family with.  He doted on little Aidan as though he was his child.
Happy Birthday Aidan Carpenter!
(I like the 3 pregnant ladies lined up in a row.)

Rosa watched Aidan rub Angela's belly before running off to get cake.  "I wish I had half his energy!" Angela joked.

Rosa smiled.  "Well, you're pregnant! I expect your energy is diverted!"

Angela laughed.  "I feel like I'm always tired!" she confessed. 

"So when are you and Wilson going to have kids? Or don't you want any?" Angela asked.

"Me?" Rosa asked, feeling her cheeks flame.  "Well, we've been trying.."

"Oh? But you're not able to have any?"

Rosa shrugged.  "We haven't yet, who knows what the future will bring."

"Well, there's always adoption," Angela offered, trying to think of something to make her friend feel better.

Uneasily Rosa nodded and changed the subject to how James was doing at work.

Rosa doesn't know what she's missing, Angela thought sourly in the middle of the night when the contractions began.  Who wanted to be pregnant anyways!

Of course, it was all worth it when you held your little newborn in your arms. 

"Meet your Daddy, Analeigh," Angela said happily. 

James tickled his daughter under her chin.  "She'll be as beautiful as you are," he said proudly.

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