January 29, 2012

Tans - Round 18

Waylan couldn't stop cuddling his precious little granddaughter.  He knew that Jenny and Quinn would be able to work out their differences.  They had to.  They had little Krista to think about! And he'd seen the way Quinn looked at Jenny when he thought no one was looking.  He had faith in them...

"Who was that?" Jenny demanded.

Quinn hung up quickly.  "Nobody. Just a wrong phone call."

"Oh God! Please!  A wrong call?  That you talked to for five minutes?"

Quinn sighed.  He couldn't help it that girls got his number and called him.   And it's not like he was sneaking out anymore.  What did she want from him?!

"Oh nevermind," Jenny growled.  "Do whatever you want." 

"What the hell does that mean?" Quinn demanded.

"It means I'm tired of arguing with you.  Maybe we need to start thinking about separating."

Quinn staggered back.  "No! What about Krista? What about our baby?"

Jenny cross her arms and glared, "What do you care?"

Wiping a tear away, she walked around him and picked up Krista.  "Come on girl, it's bedtime for you."

"Waylan! You have to talk to her! Convince her to send him on his way!" Natalie begged.  "She won't listen to me. But, she'll listen to you!"

Waylan shook his head.  "I can't do that, Natalie. I'm not going to put my nose in it.  They'll work it out together or they won't."

"But she's your little girl!" She couldn't understand why Waylan was being so unreasonable about this!  "Don't you want her to be happy?"

Waylan hugged his wife.  "Of course I do.  Of course I do.  But, I want her to make decisions based on what she wants, not what I want for her..."

Natalie's mouth settled into a grim line.  Well, she didn't have any problem with that...

"Jenny! Come here, please!" Natalie called.  "I invited a few friends over.  Have you met them?"

But the introductions were cut short when they heard Waylan call out in pain.

Running to the garage, they found Waylan collapsed and Quinn awkwardly laughing.

Jenny walked up to Quinn and smacked him in the head.  "Why are you laughing?"

Quinn had tears streaming down his face.  "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," he gasped for air as he doubled over.  "I don't know why! I just laugh when things get tense.  I'm so sorry..."

Jenny felt a kick in her belly and another one in her heart.  What was she doing?  Maybe she should kick him out...  Feeling confused and angry, she ran to her room.

Natalie knocked on the door.  "Jenny, do you need anything?"

"Go away!" Jenny yelled.

Natalie peeked her head in.  "Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?"

"Yes! I want to talk about it! Quit shoving men at me, Mom! I'm married! He might not be perfect, but we're working through it!"

Natalie crossed her arms.  "Do you think this is easy for me? Watching him break your heart over and over again? I want you happy! I want you loved! I want..."  Natalie's voice cracked.  "I want you to have someone like your Father! You deserve that!"

Jenny wrapped her arms around her Mom.  "He was the best, Mom. I'm going to miss him so much."

Natalie squeezed her eyes tightly shut.  "Me too. I just don't know what I'll do without him.."

Quinn finally found Jenny in the garage, crying next to the spot her Dad passed away.  "You okay, Jen?" he asked.  He wished that things were better between them.  It killed him seeing her like this.

"What do you care?" she mumbled through the tears, violently wiping the tears from her cheek.

Not really knowing what to say or how to express the love he felt in his heart, Quinn reached out and held her hand.  "I care, Jen.  I do care."

Jenny glanced down at their fingers entertwined. 

Slowly, sadly, she pulled her hand away.

Natalie had been in the livingroom teaching Krista to talk when she heard Jenny call out.  "Kirsta! I think it's time!" she said excitedly.  "Let's go find Mommy!"

"Come meet your little brother, Quincy," Jenny said to Krista.

"No! No, no, no, no, NO!" Kirsta screamed.

Jenny looked at Krista in shock.  Mouth opened, she looked at her Mom for guidance.

Natalie crossed her arms.  "Krista Ann.  You go straight to your this instant.  There will be none of that in this house!"

"I hate it here!" Krista yelled as she ran to her room.

Jenny cuddled Quincy against her chest and looked at her mouth helplessly.  "What in the world?"

Natalie smiled knowingly.  "Don't act as though you never threw a temper tantrum yourself.  She's just jealous right now.  Try to spend extra time with her."

Natalie sighed.  Jenny & Quinn were both working late & Krista didn't want anything to do with her brother still.  Natalie worried that Krista would have problems later in life from all the fighting she'd witness when she was younger.  That and the cool indifference Jenny & Quinn treated each other to now. 

"Happy Birthday, Quincy!" Natalie said happily.  "Aren't you a big boy, now?!"

Jenny came home with her co-worker Curtis.  Things had been steaming up in the prep area for days now.  A graze of a hand, a flirtatious innuendo....  Jenny felt constantly flustered.  He knew what she was asking when she suggested he come home to see her garage studio.

Quinn came home late, exhausted from work.  It was hard keeping such late hours.  He couldn't wait to be able to work different hours.  Then he could be home more for Jenny & the kids.  Not as if Jenny cared, though, he thought sourly.  He was surprised they were still together.

Climbing into bed, he plumped his pillow and made sure to stay on his side.


  1. Quinn, you will need time and patience to make up for what you've done. Chaos in this family, this round... I hope things get better next time :).

  2. Quinn is a Sim I remember. He was so wild, now trying to make up for everything by settling down and making a life. Jenny doesn't believe him...like crying wolf. Heh.


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