January 26, 2012

Steeles - Round 18

Mandy loved throwing parties.  There were so many cool people to hang out with!

Malcolm sighed.  Great, another party hosted by Mandy.  It was so noisy he could hardly think!

"Come on Malcolm!" Mandy called from across the room.  "Come join us! Quit being such a fuddy duddy!"

Malcolm moved his chess piece. "Thanks. I'll pass. I can't dance."

Mandy danced around the room.  "Well, you'll never learn until you try!"

She especially had a thing for Randy Bear! (Oh Lord help me, I just heard Austin Powers say "Are you Randy, baby?"  Poor, poor Randy.  I gave him a horrible name!)

Leaning forward as she rubbed his back, she whispered, "Meet me outside in 5!"

Perfect Party, she thought pleased as Randy kissed her back.

Gloria had seen Randy kissing Mandy.  She thought she might've finally found a friend that understood her.

"So," Gloria said, "Randy is pretty cute! Are you dating anyone else?"

Mandy shrugged. "I'm just having fun right now. Nothing serious."

Gloria smiled. "What do you say when they want to go steady? I hate breaking their hearts!"

Mandy nodded. "Yeah, why do they think just a few kisses means I'm ready to settle down and be in a relationship.  I just want to have fun! Not pop out babies!"

"Exactly!" Gloria agreed.  "I'm so glad I found someone that gets it! My sister Marissa thinks I'm easy because I like hanging with guys.  She just wants to get married and start a family. Ugh!  We should totally hang out!"

Mandy wrinkled her nose. "Man, I wish I could, but I'm heading off to college tomorrow!

"Too bad," Gloria sighed.  "We could've been great friends!"

Mandy hugged her Dad tight.  "I won't be gone long, Daddy!"

Mason slipped her some money.  "I want you to be real good.  No partying.  Focus on school.  Okay?"

Mandy just hugged him again.  "I promise I'll do good in school!"

"No boys!"

Mandy giggled.  "Of course not!"

Mason sighed as he took Rex out for a walk.  Pretty soon it would be Malcolm's turn to go away to college and then he would have an empty house.

"Hey, thanks for the ride home," Malcolm told his EMT buddy.

"No problem," she said, then boldly added, "You're kind of cute when you get all serious like that."

"Yeah?" Malcolm asked, pleased.

"Oh yeah!" she grinned.

Malcolm knew it was probably a bad idea...  He was going steady with Heather... But, lately she'd been a little distracted.

What the hell, he thought as he gave in to his urges.  You're only young once!


  1. "You're only young once!" I think this pretty much summurize the entire round :)! Good luck, MalcomXD.

  2. Mandy and Randy...ha rhymes. Mandy the party girl, however, I don't think that she will be able to keep her promise to her dad and not party or think about boys in Uni. Uh-mmmmm. Malcom..urg...you bad boy...


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