January 11, 2012

Steeles - Round 17

 Evelyn couldn't wait to celebrate becoming a Media Magnate.

 "Just in the nick of time," she thought.  "Now I can retire and enjoy my golden years with Mason."

Mason had gone from the intelligence community into military.  Often times, his assistant would come home with him to discuss plans that needed to be made.

Evelyn often kept out an extra plate because she knew Trevor was likely to be there.

And Malcolm! What a handsome young man he was turning into, Evelyn thought happily.  He was so serious all the time... except when he was bothering Julie.

Julie plopped down on the couch next to Trevor and grabbed the remote.  "Wanna watch 'Dance Dance Marathon'?" she asked.

Trevor made a face, but tried to hide his distaste.  "Sure.  That sounds fine, Julie."

Smiling, Julie flipped the channel away from the news.  "News is so boring!" she said.

"You won't think so in a few years, Julie," Evelyn admonished without looking up from her book.

Julie looked at Trevor and made a face, causing him to laugh.

"I saw that!"

Clearing his throat, Trevor glued his attention to the tv and away from his boss's daughter.

Malcolm had managed to convince the cutest girl in class to come over and study.

And as he walked her out, he managed to steal an awkward kiss.  "Thanks for, um, studying with me," he said lamely.

Heather smiled shyly and ducked her head. "Umm, thanks. I'll see you around!"  She hurried home without looking back.

Malcolm sighed.

 "That didn't look like it went very well," Wilbur Reed said.

Malcolm frowned.  "No, sir. I don't think it did, either." Then a grin stole across his face.  "But it sure felt good."

Wilbur laughed.  "Well there is that.  Is your father home?"

Malcolm checked his watch.  "No, he should be home in 30 minutes or so. Would you like to wait inside?"

"That's fine."

Malcolm stole a glance at Wilbur's name-tag.  "So what kind of doctor are you?" he asked.

And Malcolm was hooked.  He listened eagerly as Wilbur discussed cases and techniques for the next thirty minutes.

"Well, there's your Father.  Feel free to call if you'd like to learn more," Wilbur said.

And boy did he want to learn more!

He started studying right away.

He briefly looked up when Mandy and Julie walked in the room.  Mandy was talking about her date with Jesse Carter, the Romeo of the in-crowd.  Julie had just started to shake her head and say something when he felt it... the urge to tease her...

It was just too strong...

 "Leave me alone Malcolm! God!  You are such a pest!" Julie screamed.  "That's it! I'm going to college!"

Julie wasted no time calling the cab and getting a ride to her new dorm.


  1. Only happy families this round :)? Well, that's good news anyway!

  2. ha one teasing word from her brother and she hops in a cab and leaves for college? LOL


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