January 31, 2012

Sim State Uni - 14th Class

There were a lot of college freshmen this year!  15 students!  I like having a girl's dorm & a boy's dorm so that the kids focus more on school & friendships rather than who they're dating! So, I had three dorms I played per semester.  Since I have more dorms to play, I played each one up until Junior year.  Which means next Round, we'll mix up Lower-classmen & Upper-classmen.  Should be interesting!

The first thing Jesse did after checking into his dorm was to throw a big party with all his friends from back home.

"Norma!" he called as he leaped into her arms.  "So great to see you!"

Norma laughed.  "Nice to see you, too!"  Awkwardly, she glanced at Phillip to see if he minded that Jesse was clowning around.

Later, she cornered him in the hall.  "Don't you ever do that again!"

Jesse held his hands up. "I was just saying hi!"

"Mandy!" Jesse leapt into her arms and hugged her.

Mandy fawned over Jesse.  "I'm good," she smiled.

Jesse got a stupid grin on his face.  "Want me to show you the photo booth?"

Thirty in that cramped photo booth had been heaven, Mandy thought.  Heaven!

"Way to go, man!" Phillip fist-bumped Jesse.  "You're the man!"

Jesse laughed. "Yeah. I'm the man!"

Emily shook her head every time Mandy talked about that night.  Mandy was head over heels in love with Jesse know and it was pretty obvious to her that Jesse didn't care a bit. 

"You just don't understand," Mandy declared.  "Maybe if a boy was interested in you!"

Norma interrupted. "That's not fair, Mandy. There's plenty of boys interested in Emily.  She just doesn't have the same chemistry for them!"

Mandy glanced back, "Well, maybe that's your problem then. You don't have the chemistry like Jesse & I have."

Emily rolled her eyes. "Yeah, that's the problem Mandy."

"I'm going to go call Phillip," Norma announced as she stood up.

The girls groaned.  Looks like they'd have to avoid the tv room again...

"I thought we might set up a study group," Russell suggested.  "You know, if we're all in the same classes, we can do our homework together & read our chapters together."

"That's a great plan!" Jay said.  "We'll ace school in no time!"

Arthur Potter didn't care about the studies like everyone else.  He just wanted to fall in love.  He worried he'd never find 'the one.'

Jesse had a similar affliction. Only... he didn't believe in 'the one.'  He thought they were all pretty damn awesome!

"Come on, guys, let's have some fun," Jesse called to his flat mates.

"I'll be right there," Archie said.  "Let me just take care of these piles of leaves..."

"AH! FIRE! It hurts! It hurts!"

Thankfully, Drake managed to keep his cool and saw the flames from inside.  He was able to call the firefighters & then run outside to help put the flames.

Arthur's twin, Steve Potter, didn't make it though.  Arthur put some flowers by his brother's grave.  He couldn't believe he'd lost his best friend like that.  It just didn't seem fair....

Especially since all the guys seemed to just go right back to living their life the same way...

He didn't know how they were able to get over Steve's death so quickly....

"Look at those muscles," head cheerleader cooed to Phillip.

"HEY!" Norma yelled.

Phillip shrugged. "Norma, she didn't mean anything by it. Promise!"

"Well, if he's going to cheat on me with that floozy.. then I'm sure I can find someone, too.." Norma grumbled.

"Um, Norma, I don't think that's such a good idea," Emily began.

Mandy just played with her macaroni. "I haven't heard from Jesse in ages. Do you think he's avoiding me?"

Norma glanced around the room. "Who's that guy?"

Emily spoke up louder, "I repeat. I think this is a bad idea!"

"Hi, I saw you in the cafeteria. I'm Norma," she introduced herself.  Gavin wasn't all that bad for a rebound guy...

Michelle finally worked up the courage to talk to Randy.  "I've noticed you around and I really like you," she told him.

"Wow!" Randy said.  "That's... wow!"

Jay was distracted by Phillip's philandering.  "Are you sure that's a good idea?" he asked. "What about Norma?"

"Norma who?" Phillip said as he nuzzled Carla's ear. 

"Umm... Norma your girlfriend."

Phillip glanced back at Jay.  "Look, she said she wanted a break. So, I can date who I want!"  And boy did he want...

"Rah! Rah! Sis-boom-bah!" Carla called.  "Come on sleepy-head! It's time for the prep rally!"

Phillip groaned as he rolled over. "What time is it?"

Carla cheered, "It's 8 a.m.! Rise and Shine!"

Phillip slowly got out of bed. "Christ! It's early. Why are we awake?"

Carla swatted at Phillip's arm. "Silly! It's prep rally day! Come on! Let's go!"

Phillip grabbed Carla. "In just a minute..."


  1. Woah death at Uni...Steve Potter. Seems like the only one that was broken up about it was his brother. Lots of soap opera stuff going on here.

  2. I didn't realize burning that many piles of leaves could cause a fire like that! Geez!


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