January 16, 2012

Sim State Uni - 13th Class

 There were so many applicants at Sim State University that the dorms had to enact a "girls dorm" and a "boys dorm."

"I'm so glad you made it!" Angela said as she stroked Gary's cheek.  "I missed you so much!"

"Yeah, it's pretty cool I got in. I got a scholarship!"

After that first date, Angela hoped each day that Gary would propose to her.  It never once crossed his mind...

No... no..  NO! Rosa! What are you doing!  Go look at the trophies.  (Thankfully this didn't cause them to crush on each other!)  Apparently I'm going to invite Wilson over!

Leah called up Clint and schmoozed him. 

"I'm telling you guys! That date was amazing!" Leah boasted.  Opal rolled her eyes when Leah started talking about the hot party guy she'd slept with the night before. 

At the boys' dorm:
 "Okay, the first guy who stops has to do a dare. What should it be?" Chance asked.

"Shave something!" James laughed.

"Yeah, but what?" Gary asked.  "I'm the only one with a beard!"

"Deal!" Chance interrupted.  "On the count of 3.  1... 2... 3...."

Damn, Gary thought. It had taken him awhile to grow this beard!

He guessed he didn't look half bad without it though...

Freddie was really into Laura.  She'd flirted a few times with him.  But, he didn't know if she really liked him.

Chance hit on anything in a skirt.  Especially the short skirts.

Wilson had been confused when Rosa had suddenly cooled off towards him.  She couldn't wait to join him at college... and now... she acted like he didn't exist.  Finally, he cornered her outside.  "What gives Rosa? You don't love me anymore?" he asked sadly.

"Me?! YOU!" Rosa had fumed.  "You went off to college and never even called."

Wilson looked confused. "But I did call.  Gloria always said you were busy.  I finally got the hint..."

Rosa stomped her foot. "Oh. That girl! She's going to pay!" Then, she hung her head.  "I thought you didn't love me anymore."

Wilson hugged her close. "No way, Rosa! I love you more than anything!"

"Oooh... it's so smooth," Angela giggled as she stroked Gary's cheek.  "Very sexy!"

Gary winked. "Glad you like it."  He had to make a mental note to thank the guys. 

"Oh my God!" Leah almost swooned.  "You're Quinn Landry! I love your music!" Leah cried.  "Watch this! I could dance in a video for you!"

Leah busted out her dance moves.  "Pretty amazing, huh?" she asked triumphantly.

Quinn cringed. "Umm.. yeah.. they're great..."

Leah leaned in close, her voice becoming seductive.  "I can't believe I'm meeting you! I love your music! I'd love to dance for you... even privately..."

Quinn's eyebrows perked up.  "Oh yeah?"

Leah smiled and nodded.  Then, glancing around, she grabbed his hand and pulled him outside.  "Come here! Step into my office." she giggled.

Quinn felt a little silly, but WOW... it'd been awhile since he'd done it in the photo booth!  And the pictures she tucked into his pocket.  WOW....

 (ROSA! QUIT it!  And amazingly, even this did not make them crush on each other!  Thank God!  Now quit randomly hooking up with your uni dorm-mates.  They have ugly noses. You can't take them home.  They're not stray puppies...)

After meeting Kevin at a party, Leah called him up on a date.  Boy was she surprised when he turned to Opal and flirted with her.  Right in front of her!

"Jerk" she shrieked as she slapped him.

Kevin rubbed his jaw.  "Ow... what was that for?"

Kevin followed her inside.  "I said I'm sorry! Forgive me?"

Leah propped her hand on her hip.  "Maybe. Maybe not. I'll tell you later."

 Wilson was so glad that he and Rosa had made up.  Everything felt right in the world again.

 In fact, life was perfect.
Leah threw a big party and invited the boys from the dorm across the way.  Somehow her drama prof wound up at the party.

Leah got an idea...

He was duly impressed.  "Wow," was all he said.  "You certainly have a flair for drama...  Perhaps you would like to join the drama major?" he suggested.  "It would give us more time... to elaborate..."

Leah giggled.  Sounded like an easy A to her!

Julie wished Freddie would make his move already.  He was so shy when it came to dating.  She was worried she would have to be a bit more obvious...

"Hey, Julie. You said you needed help with your homework?" Freddie asked.

Julie just grabbed his hand.  "I actually wanted to... well... I like you."

Freddie grinned. "Yeah?"


A million things ran through Freddie's mind while Julie cleared her throat.  "You know, you could respond," she said testily.  "Verbally."

Freddie grinned even bigger.  "Would you settle for physically?"

Julie winked saucily, "I guess it depends on how physical, big boy."

Freddie leaned forward to kiss her.  He savored the moment.  "I really like you, too."

Julie got a wicked idea...


 "Aw man!" Chance cried.  "What am I supposed to shave? I don't have a beard!"

Kevin laughed, "Your toes!"

Chance frowned. "I don't have hair on my toes, jerk!"

"Your hair! It's fugly anyways!" James teased.

"The hair!" the rest of the guys chorused.

"Aw man," Chance thought. 

But, it actually grew on him.  Much easier to clean & chicks seemed to dig it!

Opal called Kevin over to talk to him about the other day.  "Look, I wanted to talk about the other day.  I really like you, and..."

Kevin frowned and shook his hands. "Oh God! I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression! The guys said I should flirt with the girl's best friend to make the girl jealous. Unfortunately, it back-fired and Leah hasn't called me in weeks."  Kevin looked miserable.

Opal's mouth opened & closed.  "She's been picking at me & being mean to me for weeks & it was all because you wanted her to like you? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" she ranted.  "Why don't you just try honesty?!"

Kevin considered it. It might work...

"Idiot," Opal mumbled as she stalked away. 

Kevin searched the dorm for Leash and finally found her in the kitchen.

Without any warning, he grabbed her, leaned her backwards and kissed the living daylights out of her. 

(Seriously.  Just out of the blue, after no attempts to talk to Leah for awhile, he strutted into the room & made out with her.  Amazingly, she let him!)

 *clears throat* She might've let him do a few other things, too...

(I wonder when she finds out he's Clint's little brother? Oooooo...that's going to hurt!)

Chance had been trying to date a few girls, but nothing felt right.  He'd heard through the grapevine that Lindsay had a thing for him and he couldn't think of anything but that.  Finally, he gathered up some grit & called her out on a date.

It went better than he could've hoped.  What a dream date!  At the end of the night, Chance knew he was in love for better or worse & dropped to his knee.

"Marry me, Lindsay. Make me the happiest man on Earth!"

Gary was nervous.  He'd managed to get through school and the thought of going home & leaving Angela scared him.  "Angela..." he asked.  "Will you... move in with me?"

Angela was over the moon happy. He wanted to move in with her! That meant he loved her, too! Pretty soon they would get married and have babies!  "Yes!" she cried, hugging him as though he had proposed to her.  "I will!"

Gary smiled and he stroked her back.  She was such a great girlfriend.
 Wilson grabbed Rosa's suitcase. "You ready to go, Rosa?" 

Rosa glanced around the dorm.  "Yeah, I've said goodbye to everyone.  Let's go baby."  Hand in hand, they walked out to start their life together.


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