January 29, 2012

Round 18 Prom Night

Ms. Caretaker hummed as she walked inside.

She wanted to make sure everything was ready when the children arrived.  They were always so excited on Prom night.  Her job was to make sure the night ran smoothly without any inappropriate behavior.

A good, clean, fun time is what she promised parents.

One by one, the kids were dropped off by parents and congregated in groups, waiting to be let in.

"Class of '18! Welcome to your Prom!" Ms. Caretaker announced as the kids strolled in and began to dance.  It made her so happy to see such happy faces.

Only... soon she saw two boys poking each other.  Knowing how fast that could escalate, she went to intervene.  (I have no clue what Drake Downie is mad at Jesse Carter...)

Across the room, she saw a young man in a heated argument with a red-haired girl.  After instructing the two boys to go cool off on separate ends of the dance floor, she hurried over to admonish the young man.

"This is Prom night, young man.  I don't want to have to tell you to behave again or you'll have to leave."

Samuel Carter hung his head.  "I'm sorry, ma'am.  We were just arguing about stuff..."

Madison Bertino wiped the tears from her eyes.  "I didn't cheat on you Samuel! I don't know what you think you saw!  This is the worst night ever!"

Alyssa Johnston wrapped her arms around Alan Potter's neck.  "I'm having such a wonderful time with you," she said, dancing close.  "This is going to be the best night ever!"

Ms. Caretaker was pleased when the kids began to stroll over to help themselves to the catered meal.  There would be less time for arguments if they were all eating together.

Jesse Carter strolled up to Sabrina Potter.  "May I have this dance?" he asked with a British accent, as he held his arm out.

Sabrina couldn't help but laugh and soon they were dancing the night away.

"You're a pretty good dancer," Sabrina told him.

Jesse smoothed his hair back.  "So I've been told," he joked.

Trying to hurry around the room, Ms. Caretaker took a few pictures of all the teens enjoying their meal.

It was always interesting to see who they sat with and where those couples would end up years from now, she mused.

Uh oh, she thought when she saw a group of upset faces.

Scanning the crowd, she found the source of the upset.  Young Samuel was in the process of making out with Ruby Bear.  Oh dear, she thought.   There should be none of that on the dance floor!

Clearing her throat, she walked up to the stage and tapped her microphone.  "May I have your attention please?  I've tallied the votes for Prom King and Prom Queen and I'd like to make the announcement.....

"Would Mr. Randy Bear and Miss Emily Carpenter please come up on the stage.  You're this year's Prom King and Queen."  Ms. Caretaker beamed with pride as the two students made their way on stage.  "Congratulations dears.  I'm very proud of you both.  Why don't you go enjoy your dance."

Randy and Emily laughed as they went to the middle of the dance floor.  Feeling all eyes on them, especially their significant others, they began to dance as far away from each other as possible!

"And don't forget to get your free couples photos in the photo booth," Ms. Caretaker advised.

(Jesse Carter & Sabrina Potter)

(Wilson Reed & Norma Carter)

 (Samuel Carter & Ruby Bear)

(Drake Pai & Heather Reed - What? When did that happen?!)

At last, midnight rolled around and Ms. Caretaker advised the remaining students that it was time to head home.  "Be safe and go straight home, dears."


  1. I was surprised it wasn't Jesse Carter & Mandy Steele as the Prom King & Queen!

    Who did you think it would be? Leave a comment!

    Senior year nominees:
    Phillip - 4 votes
    Jesse - 1 vote
    Russel - 1 vote
    Emily - 13 votes!
    Norma - 5 votes
    Caleb - 2 votes
    Randy - 7 votes!
    Steve - 3 votes
    Arthur - 2 votes
    Mandy - 7 votes
    Drake - 2 votes
    Jay - 0 votes
    Archie - 2 votes
    Samuel - 2 votes
    Frankie - 0 votes

  2. I am surprised too about Emily, but I didn't imagine it could be Mandy too XD. You had a really beautiful idea with this prom *-*, I read the topic on the yahoogroup... very well done!

  3. Yes, nice prom! I have never seen that done! Loved it! @ Drake Pai and Heather Reed....yah, looks like your Simmies have chosen who they want...


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