January 29, 2012

Rodriguez/Bear - Round 18

The black and white Panda struggled to escape the evil poacher.  But, there was no use....

"GOTCHA!"  Regan giggled as she grabbed her pretty little hamster and played with him.  "You are the cutest thing in the world!" Regan waved him around the room for a short while before becoming bored.  " Too bad you can't do anything fun! We should've gotten a talking bird!"

"Guys, I made a wonderful dinner.  Come sit at the table."

"Aw, Mom, our television show is on!"

Dana crossed her arms.  "No tv during dinner.  Come sit at the table and we'll talk like a family."

The kids groaned, "But Moooooooom."

But, one look from Dana had them scurrying over to the table to eat, with a few sad glances back towards the television that had been turned off.

Ruby stomped her foot.  "You are the most annoying jerk in the world, Lance Russel!" she fumed.

Randy rolled his eyes.  "Come on Lance, let's go back to my room.  I'll show you that game I've been playing."

"Yeah sure," Lance stuck his tongue out at Ruby before heading back to play.

Ruby watched him go and thought that he had to have been the most annoying boy in the world.

"Can you believe that Regan?" Ruby fumed.

"I dunno.  He's pretty cute," Regan said.  "I think he likes you."

Ruby swiveled her head to look at her sister.  "Are you kidding? He told me I spilled ketchup on my shirt, then poked my nose! What is he, 10?!"

Regan shrugged.  "I dunno. Want me to pass him a note?"

"GAH!" Ruby yelled as she stomped outside to paint.  She generally felt so much calmer when she was painting. 

Dana cuddled her youngest daughter Rachel.  She couldn't believe how fast she was going.  "In not too long you'll be running off to school! And then where will I be?"

It was quiet in the house now, Dana thought as she sat and ate her hamburger.  The only noise throughout the house was Panda spinning on his wheel.  No loud tv, no radio blaring, no kids yelling... nothing...

It felt so strange!
"Hey, have you seen Riley? I came over to throw the ball with him," Theo asked Ruby.

Ruby looked around, "Umm... no I haven't seen him.  Have you tried the bathroom.  He likes to preen."

Theo laughed, "Yeah? We should try to catch him in action!"

Riley had just been practicing his "how YOU doing?" spiel when the bathroom door swung open and Riley and Theo burst in with a camera.  Jumping out of his skin, he yelled, "GET OUT!" and threw the soap at them. 

Stupid sisters...

 Theo and Ruby giggled and ran out of the room to safety. 

Laughing, Theo put his arm around Ruby.  "That was awesome!" he said.

Ruby felt all warm and light-headed when he put his arm around her and was insanely disappointed when he pulled her hair and told her he'd see her later.


  1. Another happy family :). Riley is really handsome!

  2. Dana is experiencing empty nest syndrome, a little early. awww!


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