January 15, 2012

Rodriguez/Bear - Round 17

"Mom? Will you look at my science project?" Riley asked.

Dana felt awful.  She frowned as she pulled Riley up next to her.  "I'm sorry buddy, I can't right now. I'm on strict bed rest.  Do you think Dad could look at it for you?"

Riley sighed.  "No, he's helping Regan wit h her homework right now."

Dana smoothed Riley's hair down.  "I bet he can help you in a little bit.  Why don't you go ask Randy real quick, though?"

Dana watched Riley run out of the room and felt so useless! This was definitely going to be their last baby!

Joshua helped Regan finish up her homework.  "Now don't let me catch you letting it pile up again like this young lady," he warned.  "If you don't stay on top of your homework, it reflects badly on you and our family."

Regan pouted.  "I hate science."

Joshua smiled.  "Then come ask for help.  I am a teacher, you know."

Regan rolled her eyes. "That's so lame, Dad!"

Joshua frowned.  "That is not polite, young lady. You can stay in this room and think about that!"

Regan threw herself on her bed and cried into her pillow after her Dad left. He just didn't understand!

Dana was so relieved after little Rachel was born. Now she could get out of that darn bed and spend more time with her family!

(Pictured left to right: Regan, Riley & Ruby)

Randy couldn't believe what a great date Mandy was! She was so sweet and considerate! He knew that when he graduated, he was going to marry her!

Ruby grew up ready to mingle!

Little Rachel...

Regan loved it when her big brother Randy read to her.  He would tell stories about princesses and castles and knights! And he always told the story in funny voices.  "Read it again!" she laughed.

Randy put the book away and patted her head.  "Not right now, kiddo. I've got to hit the books first. Did you do your homework?"

Regan made a face. "Yeah, yeah, yeah... I hate school!"

Randy ruffled her hair because he knew how upset it made her.  "One day you'll love it. Just like me!"

Happy birthday Dana & Joshua!  It's hard to believe they're elders already!


  1. I love this family too :). I don't know why, but there is a good feeling to it.

  2. I loved the picture of Randy reading the story about pink castles to his little sister. So sweet!

  3. :) Good deal. Everyone is so pretty....


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