January 26, 2012

Reeds - Round 18

(Okay... Seriously.... I'm not sure how this happened... but apparently poor Cheryl wasn't finished giving birth when I so rudely turned my back & left their home.)

Cheryl felt a twinge again.

"Twins?" she asked incredilously!  "I thought I was just having ONE baby!"  Nicole would have a sister!

Beautiful little Cora!

"Ralph! It's great to see you man," Charles hugged his brother tight.  "And Kate! You look beautiful!"

Charles was so glad that his brother and his wife were able to make it to his party.  When he was a younger man, sometimes his thoughts had strayed to what-if's about Kate - but he knew that old adage about the grass being greener on the other side would probably hold true.  Now he was just happy that Ralph had found such an amazing woman to grow old with.

Just like he'd found an amazing woman to grow old with...

"Let's see... what can I wish for that I don't already have," Charles joked before blowing out the 60 candles Cheryl had playfully stuffed in his cake.

Happy Birthday Charles!

Heather laughed as she lifted Nicole up.  "I still don't understand where the blonde came from!"

Cheryl smiled.  "Sometimes a baby's hair will change when they're little.  When I was little, I had blonde hair too.  It didn't turn dark until I was a child!"

Heather stroked Nicole's hair.  "I always wanted blonde hair," she said wistfully.

Cheryl smiled.  "And I always wanted curls, just like little Miss Cora!"  Fixing Heather with a Mom-Look, she advised, "You'll be much happier in life if you like what you have & don't wish for what others have!"

Heather thought it over...

Mostly she just wished Caleb noticed that she exited... as something other than a friend...

"Oh hey Caleb!" Heather awkwardly greeted him.  "Do you want to play some chess?"

Caleb smiled.  "Sure! Think you'll beat me this time?"

"You better believe it!"

Cheryl came home from work & saw Heather out with Caleb again.  She knew Heather liked him a lot.  She would definitely have to keep an eye on those two.  Teenagers!

"Man, it's getting cold out!" Charles said as he rubbed his hands together before moving his pawn.

"Yeah! It's so dark. I think I'm.. fr-fr-fr-eeezing..." Heather said through chattering teeth.

Caleb frowned. "Maybe you should go inside & warm up.  I"ll see you tomorrow at school."

"No!" Heather exclaimed.  "I mean, I'm fine! Stay!"

Caleb laughed.  "You're crazy Heather. See you tomorrow," he called over his shoulder.

"No wait!" she called over to him.  "Come inside with me... I'll... help you warm up!"


Caleb was definitely feeling warmer...

Charles made it home from work & knew he had it made.  Top of his career...

...maxed skills...

He'd led a good life!  Now he had time to sit back, raise his kids & get a hobby or two!

Michael thought about a wish.  "I wish...... that I'm as smart as my Dad!"

Happy birthday Michael!

 And Cheryl!

 And twins Nicole & Cora!

One big happy family!


  1. About Cheryl's babies: it happens sometimes when you close the house just after a baby is born. Once it happen to me like this: sim had baby, I closed her house and had another sim invited her to move in *his* house. As soon as she accepted, she had another baby. Lol.
    Back to this round: Cora is beautiful, and I like Michael too *_*!I hope Cora and Nicole will be friends.

  2. Yes, a beautiful happy family. That Michael is gonna be a heartbreaker.


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