January 11, 2012

Reeds - Round 17

Cheryl invited a few of the friends she had made around town for an enjoyable dinner.  "Ashlee!" she asked, "How has your pregnancy been?"

Ashlee smiled.  "It's been wonderful, actually. "

Ericka smiled wistfully.  "I remember those days!  No more kids for me, though!"

Cheryl looked around the table and smiled.  What a great town this had turned out to be!

Charles couldn't believe how fast his little girl Heather was growing up! She was already talking and crawling around. 
Charles came home from work, excited that he'd finally gotten that last promotion.  Being in the intelligence field had opened his eyes to the world around him.  He felt himself driven towards adventure
But Cheryl wanted stable... very stable...

Charles knew how tired & sick Cheryl was feeling, so he tried to spend all his spare time with Heather teaching her all the skills she would need to go into elementary school.

Finally, her first day of school came and he was beside himself.  His little girl was growing up and going off to school!

And his son Michael was born!

Heather loved school.  And there were so many kids her age around the block.  She became best friends with Madison Bertino and Gloria Carter quickly.

 Cheryl couldn't believe how fast Michael was growing!

And how much she and Charles still loved each other.  "It just keeps getting better and better," she thought to herself as they shared a romantic embrace.

"Gross Dad! You guys have a room, you know!" Heather complained.

Cheryl laughed.  "Go find your brother and help him with your homework if you don't want to see this."

Heather stomped up the stairs.  "Come on doofus. Let's do your homework!"

"But I don't want to!" he complained.

"Mom says!"

Michael hmphed.  "Fine!"

Charles couldn't believe it when Cheryl told him the news.  "You mean, we're going to have another baby?" he asked excitedly.

"Are you happy?" she asked.  "We hadn't planned this one.  But, I'm so excited!"

9 months flew by...

And they welcomed little baby girl Nicole to their family.


  1. Babies, babies, and more babies. Do you play 14 days at a time on a lot? Seems like people grow up really fast.

  2. Amazingly, I only play 7 day rounds! And I still think my family'a grow up too fast!


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