January 16, 2012

Reeds (3) - Round 17

Kate was so excited to be having a baby.  She knew it would be soon now.  Her nesting hormones kicked in & caused her to spring clean the entire house & prepare the nursery.


Ralph came in and saw his precious little girl.  "She's amazing," Ralph cried.  "Can I hold her?"

Kate laughed.  "Of course, silly."

"Come on Katherine, let's go get some food," Ralph said as he cuddled her against his chest. 

"Did you have her?  Did you have her?" Walker cried as he ran in the room.  All his mom & dad's family had piled into the livingroom.  It was neat getting to see his grandparents again!  It was like a holiday!

Kate smiled.  "Would you like to meet your little sister."

Walker clapped. "Alright! A sister!"

"Go see your father in the kitchen," Kate said as she kissed his head.

"Dad! Can I see the baby?" Walker said when he went in.  Ralph had just handed Katherine off to his Mom.  "Sure buddy, be gentle though!"

Ralph smiled as he watched Walker talk to his baby sister and tell her about his day.

 "We have two amazing kids, Kate," Ralph said as he hugged her.

Kate smiled up at Ralph.  "We've been so blessed Ralph.  I can't imagine being any happier than I am right now!"

"Charles!" Kate was pleasantly surprised.  Charles was Ralph's brother and was such an amazing, smart man.  "And Heather, right?" Kate greeted the two.

"Hi Kate.  I came by to see Ralph. Is he around?"

Kate tsked. "You just missed him.  He should be home in a little bit, though. He just took Walker &  Katherine to the park.  Do you want to wait inside?"

Charles smiled. "That'd be greet."

Kate hung out with Charles for most of the day, chatting about the kids and their childhoods.  (Charles & Kate have 3 bolts for each other - but thankfully are barred from any hanky-panky due to their family ties! Phew!  She just rolls wants to talk to him & invite him over a lot.)

"Daaaaad," Heather whined.  "Can we go now?"

Charles looked over at Kate.  "Umm... yeah... I guess we should get going. We've taken up your entire afternoon."

"It was no problem," Kate told Charles as she leaned forward to give him a peck on the cheek.  "It was fun.  Come again!" 

Charles shuffled his feet.  "Of course."  Glancing at Heather, he held out his hand. "Come on whiner, let's go home."

Kate couldn't believe it.  A little girl.  Just what she'd always wanted.  "Katherine," she said proudly. "You're a beautiful little baby."

 Outside playing, Walker saw a girl his age walking down the street.  "Hey! Wanna play?" he asked. 

The little girl looked startled and began chewing her hair.

"What's your name?" Walker asked as he ran over to her.

The girl shook her head really fast and then ran off.  "HEY!" Walker called as she ran off.  "I just wanted to play!"  He kicked at a stone on the ground. "Girls are dumb."

Kate couldn't believe how big Katherine was growing.

"She looks just like you," Ralph said sweetly.  "She's just as pretty as her Mommy."

 "You sure know how to romance a girl," Kate teased.

"Of course, my dear, I've had years of practice!" Ralph grabbed her arm and kissed up to her shoulder.  "Vould you like me to use my fa-rench accent? Oui? Oui?"

Kate laughed and smacked his shoulder.  "No! Your romancing has gotten us in enough trouble as it is!"

Ralph rubbed Kate's belly. "I wouldn't call this trouble! I would call this wonderful!"

Kate laughed. "Oh go take the kids to the park like you promise Don Juan."

Ralph wiggled his eyebrows.  "Oui. Oui."  Stroking her cheek, he kissed her forehead.  "Go take a nap and get some rest while we're gone.  Love you!"

"I love you, too."

"Hey buddy," Ralph said when he saw the big dog digging in their front yard.  "Now you're the type of dog we should've gotten!"

"Not like that wussy Ocelet pup!"

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  1. Awww poor Krista....such a shy thing. Like the fake french accent..hehe!


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