January 15, 2012

Reeds (2) - Round 17

Wilson invited Rosa over before he headed off to college.  "I"m going to miss you so much!" he said as he swung her hands.  "But you'll be coming up soon, too!"

Rosa sadly nodded.  "What am I going to do without you?" she asked.

"Don't worry Rosa! It'll be just like always as soon as you're back up."  Wilson squeezed Rosa tight, not wanting to let go.  "Promise you'll wait for me?"

Rosa wiped a tear from her eye. "You know I will! And you don't go dating any college floozies!"

Wilson stroked her cheek.  "I won't. I promise."

Outside the horn sounded.

Wilson & Rosa glanced at each other again.  "This is good-bye... for now..." he said, not wanting to move an inch.

"Go! Go! We're being silly!" she said.  "Go catch your taxi!"

Wilson thought that leaving Rosa was the hardest thing he'd ever done in his life.

Later that night. Phillip was thinking he never should've wished to be abducted by aliens...

With the house somewhat emptier, Gaeron was able to bring in the 5th plantsim generation.  Finally, a beautiful little girl he called Aithel.


Much to the displeasure of the family, Bronadir kept up his romantic pursuits...
"Yup," Brondir thought as he relaxed in the natural spring behind their home.  "Life is good."


Wilbur looked at the beautiful retreat his family had managed to build from nothing and felt a surge of pride.  It might not have all the amenities of the home that he grew up, but it was filled with love, laughter and magic!

Aithel was outside gardening when she heard a low whistle.  Turning around she saw a strange man standing there.

"May I help you?" she asked.

"Hey, the name's Gunnar.  Beautiful home you have here," he remarked.

Aithel smiled.  "Thanks. I love it here! So many beautiful plants!"

Gunnar grinned. "That.. among other things.."

Aithel blushed.  She thought he was calling her beautiful!  "Would you like to stay awhile?" she asked.

Gunnar sadly shook his head.  "I'm afraid I can't.  Rain check."

"Oh, I love the rain!" Aithel clapped her hands excitedly.

Wilbur worked in the garden with Amy trying to pull all the weeds.  Amy was better at helping the drooping plants.  Wilbur sighed.  How he wished he could be a plantsim like Amy!  He'd longed for it since the day he'd discovered this oasis of nature!  It had been too long though and Amy didn't know what she'd done differently that day that had changed her life...

 "Eureka!" Wilbur shouted.  "I think I figured it out!"

 Wilbur ran to the garden with the old spray can Amy left out by the compost.

"It worked!" Wilbur said excitedly as he looked at his body.  Already he could feel the change inside of him. 

It gave him a sense of relief and peace to finally be one with Amy in this way... the plantsim way...

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