January 25, 2012

Potters - Round 18

Gwen couldn't believe how fast her little girl was growing up!  Violet was already a toddler!  She had hoped to talk Levi into having another child, but he complained he was too old for raising any more babies.

"Hello?" Sabrina ran over to the phone to answer it before anyone else could touch it.  "Yeah, this is Sabrina."

Levi found something to do close by so that he could listen.

"What's up Jesse?" she asked, turning her back and looking at her nails.

Levi sighed. Another boy.  What was he going to do with her?!  He couldn't believe how much like his sister Veronica she was.  Boy crazy! Maybe he would have Veronica talk to her.  She'd really settled down with her husband, Tyler.


Arthur grumbled as he tried to edge past Steve and Helen in the hall.  "Come on Steve, I have to get Violet to the potty in time or YOU have to change her diaper!"

Violet giggled.  "Pee pee!"

Steve blushed.  "Sorry Arthur. I was just saying goodbye to Helen."

Arthur pushed past. "Yeah, yeah, yeah.  You're just going off to college... not to war!"

Helen play swatted as Arthur walked by.  "But it'll FEEL like forever!"  Making googley-eyes at Steve, she sighed. "I'm going to miss you!"

Steve held her hands. "I'm going to miss you, too."
Levi came home from work and felt like a million bucks.  He'd finally reached the top of the medical career.  Soon it would be time to retire and enjoy his golden years at home with his wife.  And their baby...

Levi shook his head.  He still couldn't believe sometimes that they had one more baby to raise and send on their way.  He was also worried that he wouldn't be around to see the milestones in Violet's life- her graduation, her marriage, her first child... it felt like there was so much he would miss out on.  Gwen had hinted about wanting more children, but really, wasn't five enough!

Gwen suspected she was pregnant again... she just didn't know how to tell Levi...

She'd just felt so alive and wonderful being pregnant with Violet! And having a baby of her own to hug and cuddle was so special!

Besides, Violet was growing up so fast!

Alan was so lucky that Leah had come home from school with him.  Gloria was acting like he was interested in her, but really, he only had eyes for Leah!

And when he told her, he discovered that she only had eyes for him, too!

"Take it back, Jesse!" Sabrina snapped as she poked Jesse in the chest.

Jesse rubbed the sore spot.  "Hey! It's my opinion! I was just saying that Heather has sexier lips than you! Whatever. We're not kissing anyways!"

"What? Have you kissed her?"

Jesse shrugged. "Maybe. Why? You care?" he taunted.

Sabrina fumed.  No she didn't care, she thought.  Just because Jesse was the sexiest boy in class didn't mean she was going to fall all over his feet!

"Whatever," Sabrina mumbled.

Jesse stepped forward.  "You want me to, don't you!" he asked, surprised.

Sabrina snorted. "Please! Who want to kiss..." Sabrina broke off as Jesse leaned forward and kissed her quickly on the lips.

Jesse smiled.  "Now you know what you've been missing!"

Levi had walked into the room and seen his daughter with that Carter boy.   "Sabrina Potter. Ask your friend to leave this instant."

Jesse glanced back and saw Sabrina's irate father.  "Gotta go! Bye Mr. Potter!"

Sabrina rolled her eyes.  "Daddy, it was nothing!"

Levi couldn't believe her!  "Sabrina, this is not 'nothing'.  There is no kissing in this house! You are too young to date."

"Dad! I'm not dating! I don't even LIKE him! He's so... so... urgh!" Sabrina stomped her foot.

Levi raised his hands up in exasperation.  "Then why did you let him kiss you?!"

"I didn't! He just... did... I don't want to talk about it. URGH!" Sabrina stomped to her room and slammed the door.

Levi sighed.  She was exactly like Veronica.

Sabrina heard little stones tapping against her window and glanced outside to Jesse.  Dressing hurriedly, she rushed outside.  "What are you doing here?" she demanded.

Jesse grinned.  "I just wanted to come by and annoy you."

"Well, mission accomplished," she fumed.

Jesse's eyes suddenly got very serious.  "Really, I just wanted to make sure you didn't get in any trouble this afternoon. Sorry your Dad caught you. I was just trying to mess with you when I kissed you."

Sabrina shrugged her shoulders. "Whatever. It was nothing."

Jesse stepped forward and tilted her chin up.  "It wasn't 'nothing.'" he said.

Then he kissed her.

(Notice how she has a negative lifetime relationship with him & is supposedly enemies with him?  Talk about a love/hate relationship!)


  1. The Sabrina-Jesse relationship is the best! It never happen in my game something like this, LOL! But my favourite part of this round was the conversation between Sabrina and Levi XD. Amazing!

  2. Gwen seems kinda sneaky....but in a good way! Oh wait, I have never seen that on a relationship panel before. Enemy with someone but in crush at the same tiem?!?! What the heck? LOL Interesting!

    1. I loved this Round! Jesse & Sabrina are so cute together!


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