January 28, 2012

McMillans - Round 18

"Mom, I want you to meet Lindsay Carter. "

Meredith smiled.  "Well, I've heard a lot about you, dear.  Welcome to our home."

Chase smiled.  "It's going to be her home, too, Mom.  I proposed to her & she accepted."

Meredith hugged her son tight.  "I'm so happy for you!"  Then, as though noticing his extreme make-over for the first time, she asked, "But where's your hair?"

Chase & Lindsay glanced at each other and smiled. "Long story," he confessed.  "Stupid college stuff."

Lindsay grinned.  "I kind of like it now, though."

Chase grabbed her hand.  "Then it stays!"

Lacy was just as driven as her older brother was.  "Come on, one more game before you have to go home," she begged.

"Oh alright," Lance Russell grumbled.  "Only one more though.  You beat me all the time!" 

Lance stayed until way past 8 when his Dad, Victor Russell came to pick him up.  "Hey, champ, Mom was worried about you when you didn't come home." 

Lance mumbled, "Sorry," as he put away the chess pieces.

Lacy felt bad for him.  She knew Lance didn't get a long with his Dad since his Dad had missed out on so much of his life.  But, at least he had a Dad! She'd always wanted to know hers!

But it was kind of neat that her big brother & his fiance had moved back home.  And Lindsay was great! She said that they could pretend they were real sisters!

"Chase," Lindsay asked one night before bed.  "You know I love it here, but I was wondering if I could change a few things.  It just doesn't really feel like home yet."

Chase pulled her close.  "You can do anything you want. I know Mom wouldn't mind! I want you to feel at home here.  It is your home."

Lindsay smiled.  "Thanks Chase! I can't wait to go shopping now!"

"So? What do you think?"

"Wow," Chase exclaimed when he walked in the room.  "It's red! But, it's nice! Classy!"

Lindsay looked around the room.  "Do you like it?"

"Of course!"

Lindsay couldn't help but feel nervous. Maybe that was because their wedding day had finally come!

Chase gazed at Lindsay and thought she was the most beautiful bride in the world.

 It gave him such a rush to see all his family and friends come to wish them the best.  It was a wonderful party with laughter, cake, champagne toasts and hugs from all.

He enjoyed the ending the most though...

Lindsay felt such an urge to redecorate and make her own stamp on this house.  Like the bedspread! It was so old, dull and threadbare!  That would have to go!

"See! I told you the threadcount would make a difference!" Lindsay told Chase that night.

"Mmmmm..." Chase acknowledged distractedly.

"And I love the color.  It looks great with the room. Although I was thinking about repainting."


"What do you think? Should we repaint?" she asked.

"Little busy here," Chase said, exasperated.

Lindsay sighed as Chase began to kiss her neck again.  "Okay, we'll repaint later!"

"Mom, Mom! It's my birthday!" Lacy said excitedly when Meredith finally got off work.  "Can we throw a party now?"

Meredith worried.  "Well, I don't really know who to call."  She wondered whether she should've hired a clown. And the cake! She'd forgotten the cake!  Amazing that she could run an architecture firm, but couldn't plan a birthday party!

Lindsay smiled. "If you don't mind, I know a few of her classmates' parents.  We can have a small party."

Lacy ran over to Lindsay and hugged her.  "Really, Lindsay? You mean it? You're the best!"

Meredith felt a little guilty.  And jealous. She was glad her son's wife had taken to the family so well... but  sometimes she worried she was being replaced!  Hurrying into the kitchen, she attempted to at least throw together a birthday cake.

"Mooooom, that was SOOOO embarrassing!" Lacy moaned after her last guest left.  "I can't believe you made everyone sing while you played piano."

Meredith waved her hand. "Oh please, everyone had fun dear."

Lacy covered her face with her hands. "You sang off key! God. I can't go back to school! Please don't make me! Send me off to private school!"

Lacy's complaining was cut short when they heard Lindsay call from the other room, "It's time!"

"She's absolutely perfect!" Meredith cooed as she watched Lindsay craddle her granddaughter.

"Chastity is such a cool name, Lindsay!" Lacy bubbled.  "Can I call my friends to tell them?"

Lindsay laughed.  "Of course!"

Lindsay was so glad she'd hired the architect to touch up the front of the house.  The garage would help add more space for storage.

Meredith sighed.  It seemed like everything was changing.  She would miss that little porch...

Chase and Lindsay had no clue that Meredith was feeling more and more uncomfortable in her own home.

"Excuse me," said the Nanny, "I was just stepping in to use.. the... oh nevermind.  I'll use the other one."

"Did you hear something?" Chase asked as he came up for some air.

"Thank you for coming over. I should've called earlier when she was younger. But, Lacy would love to be in private school now.  I just needed to get additional information about it," Meredith greeted the gentleman from Ms. Crumplebottom's Academy.

"I think Lacy will be a perfect fit for the Academy," the headmaster said after dinner.

Meredith let out a gust of air, "Phew! I was so worried," she admitted.  "I've never done anything like this before, and well, it's been hard raising her on my own."

"Well, you've done an incredible job, Mrs. McMillan."

"Oh, it's Ms. McMillan.  I'm a widow," Meredith admitted.  Goodness, was it hot in here?! Meredith fanned herself.


  1. I really really love this couple! Chase and Lindsay I mean. Even if, well, they *could* imagine the poor Meredith has some problem with the decorations! But I still do like them, and I hope Meredith found a new love :).

  2. Yes, Lindsay and Carter do make a cute couple..but is Lindsay crowding out Meredith? She has some nerve...


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