January 11, 2012

McMillans - Round 17

 Meredith couldn't believe that Chester was gone.  Her time with him had felt too short!

Some days she found it impossible to get out of bed.  She just laid in bed, pretending to read and watched Lacy play with her toddler toys.

 Chance couldn't believe he'd lost his Dad.  Life was so unfair!

"How could you leave me?" he cried as he kicked the urn.

Falling to his knees, he buried his face in his hands.  "What have I done?" he cried harder.  "Don't leave me Dad!"

Lacy watched her Mom and Chance. She knew they were sad because Dad had died.  She sighed. She wished she could've known him better.  But, all she remembered were bits and pieces.  Things that she had been told.

 She just wished she knew how to make them smile again...

"Hey Chance. I came by to see how you were doing." Lawrence said.

Chance shrugged. "I'm okay."

Lawrence fidgeted.  "How's your Mom?"

"She's good."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, I'm good," Chance replied.

"Lawrence, how nice to see you," Meredith said as she walked out of the kitchen.  "How are you doing?"

Lawrence smiled weakly.  "It's been a shock. It's hard to get over," he trailed off as Chance walked out the front door.  "Excuse me Meredith. I'm going to go talk to Chance."

Meredith nodded and went to check on Lacy.

Lawrence found Chance outside at the grave.  He hung back as Chance mourned. Then, Lawrence touched his shoulder.  "I miss him, too, Chance. He was a good Dad."

Chance nodded sadly.  "What am I going to do?"

Lawrence hugged his brother.  "You'll hurt for awhile, then you'll go to college and make him proud."

 Lacy stared as Sarah came out of the bathroom.  She was so beautiful!

Looking in the mirror, Lacy tried playing with her hair to make it curl like Sarah's did.  She couldn't wait to be old enough to wear make-up and dress-up clothes!

Lawrence was right, Chance thought.  He'd thought about skipping college because his Mom and sister would need him.  But, Dad couldn't wait for him to go to college.

He would graduate top honors and make Dad proud!


  1. Ooook, so not all happy families. I am sorry for Meredith :/, but these things happen...

  2. It seems they are all recovering well!


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