January 31, 2012

McMillans (6) - Round 18

"Guess what?" Kevin asked Leah as they danced in their new livingroom.


"We're throwing a party tonight!  I invited the whole gang!"

Leah clapped. "Yeah! I'm so excited!"

Soon, everyone had arrived and everyone was dancing and talking.

Speaking up above the music, Kevin called out, "Everyone, I would like your attention!"

Dropping to one knee, he stood in front of Leah.  "Leah, will you marry me?'

Leah squealed with delight.  "Yes! I will! I will marry you!"

Kevin couldn't believe how well the night had gone off.  It was great seeing his friends and catching up with what was going on in their lives. 

She said yes, he thought to himself with a smile.  Leah was going to marry him!  He couldn't imagine being happier!

Together, they adopted a little kitten they named Fuzzball.

Kevin had met Quinn & Jenny from work and had hit it off.  They often came home with him after work to party. 

Quinn had told him one night after a few drinks that he and Jenny might be on the edge of breaking up.  "I don't know what to do, man.  I love her like crazy...  Maybe we need to move out.  Her Mom keeps trying to break us up. I bet she's telling Jenny all sorts of stuff about me."

Kevin shook his head. "Man, that's rough." He was glad he didn't have to worry about that with Leah.  They were so in love! He didn't think anything could wreck it!  "Just wait until you meet Leah... she's the best!"

"Hey Leah! Come on upstairs! I want you to meet my co-workers!" Kevin called downstairs. 

"Coming," she called up. 

When Leah got upstairs, she saw Kevin telling Jenny a joke and... "QUINN?" she gasped.

Quinn whipped his head around to look at her and then looked the other direction, ignoring her.  Leah took a deep breath and looked over at Jenny.  She saw Jenny look at Quinn and frown.  Great! He'd been married!  And she looked like crap!  Leah looked down at her ratty old pajamas.  "Umm... if you'll excuse me, I haven't been feeling well.  Kevin, I'm going to head down to bed."  She brushed a kiss on Kevin's cheek and scurried downstairs.

"Well, she seems nice, doesn't she, Quinn?" Jenny asked acidicly.

Quinn shrugged, "Seems nice enough."

Kevin just smiled.  He knew his friends would like her!

After everyone left, Kevin went downstairs to check on Leah.  "Hey, are you feeling alright?" he asked after he'd found her in the bathroom.

"No! Yes! I don't know! I just feel so funny," Leah said.

Kevin hugged her.  "What can I do to make you feel better?"

"Nothing! It's just. Well. It's nothing."  Leah couldn't tell him about Quinn. It would break his heart. And she didn't want him to fight with Quinn.  She couldn't believe this!  Tears sprung to her eyes.  "I'm just tired, that's all."

Kevin rubbed her back.  "Well, why don't you go lay down.  I'll make some dessert and call you up when it's done.  Maybe we can snuggle and watch a movie tonight?"

Leah shook her head. "No, I think I'm just going to bed. Maybe tomorrow, okay?"

Kevin trudged back upstairs and pulled out some gelatin.  "Welp, looks like it's just you and me tonight, Fuzzball!"

Turning on the radio, he kicked back and watched the news.  Playing on the radio was Brooks hit, "If Tomorrow Never Comes."


Kevin heard someone knocking on the door.  Walking upstairs, he saw Quinn standing there.  "Hey, I'm here to give you a ride to work."

Quinn nodded.  Man, he'd stayed up too late!    "Let me just get ready," he grumbled.

He saw the look of surprise on Quinn's face and turned around quickly.  "Leah?!" he cried when he saw her lying there on the ground.  Racing over to her, he tried to feel a pulse.  "Leah!!!"


Kevin laid in bed.  It still didn't seem to hit him that Leah was gone.  Forever.  Everything had been going so well. Their life was so perfect... and now... she was gone.

His friends had been great. Bringing over casseroles. Listening to him sob. But, none of it helped.  She was still gone.

Jenny hugged him. "When you're ready to come back to work, you just let me know," she told him.  "I'm so sorry that you had to go through this.  Is there... anything... I can do for you?"

Kevin shook his head.  "No. There's nothing," he said woodenly.  "But thanks, anyway.  I just need to be alone..."

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  1. Wow Leah gone? Hmm now wait. Did she and Super Quinn have a tryst? Maybe Quinn and Jenny can learn a lesson from this. "You don't know what you got until it's gone..." Aww...sorry for Kevin.


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