January 31, 2012

McMillans (5) - Round 18

Clint was on a roll!  The girls were still streaming in.  Every now and then it paid off big time to visit the college dorms!  College girls went crazy for him!

"Man! I seem to be putting on some weight," Clint thought one morning as he checked himself out.  Flexing his muscles, he made a note to visit the gym soon.

"Whoa..." Clint was getting a little scared.  Something was not right here....  not right at all...

And then... he felt it... pain like he could never even imagine.  "What the hell?" he said as he grabbed his stomach.  He thought about running in and calling the paramedics...

"WHAT?!"  Clint soon held a little green baby?!  Scared beyond belief, Clint dropped the baby to the ground and ran to call a babysitter.  

After being on hold for what felt like an eternity, Clint was finally connected to an operator.  "I need a babysitter. Immediately!  I'll pay extra if she's here in 10 minutes!"  Peeking through his window, he saw the green thing wiggling around on the ground and crying.

Frantically pacing around, Clint finally saw the babysitter pull up in her minivan.  Taking the steps 2 at a time, he charged downstairs and hopped in his car.  Without a thought as to where he was going, he hightailed it out of there....

 "WHAT THE HELL?!" he yelled as he thumped his steering wheel.  


  1. Poor little baby alien! I love baby aliens! Clint, go back, calm down and look at the cute little thing again!

  2. The baby didn't look very happy to see Clint, either. :)

    1. LOL OMG that has to be the funniest reaction to an alien birth that I have ever read. Most of the time it is taken in stride. HEHEHE! You made my morning!


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