January 16, 2012

McMillans (5) - Round 17

Clint kicked back and watched the waves at the shore.  He'd found this little beach shack in the newspaper for cheap, cheap,cheap.

 It'd been in need of repair.  Hey, he didn't care. It was better than moving back in with his parents!  Besides, here, he could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted without bothering anyone!

So he did just that.

 (Hey! Don't judge! Even elders need love! Especially the newly widowed ones!)
 "No way! You smell like cheap perfume! call me again sometime you haven't just crawled out of another girl's bed."

Clint hung his head.  "It was actually my bed... not another girl's bed."

Ooomph... Clint rubbed his sore cheek.  Okay, he'd probably deserved that one.

But, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again...

(You could pretend to not be so pleased with yourself Clint)

Clint strutted home and walked up the steps to the house.  The phone was ringing again. But, it always rang these days.  Always some chick calling to invite him out to some party or on a date.  Sometimes he didn't even recognize their name.  So, he'd stopped answering the phone.  "I'll call you," he would tell all the girls.  He wondered how they even got his number!

That was the price of fame, he guessed. He was the Ultimate Party Guest, after all.  He knew how to have a good time and people paid him to make sure a good time was had by all.

 But something was missing....  sometimes he even felt... lonely...

"Thanks for the telescope, what's-your-name," Clint mumbled as he gazed through the lens.  He wondered where the closest chick changing in front of a window would be...


  1. Well, Clint did find somewhere else to stay :). Good for him too! And that telescope will help him with his loneliness maybe...?

  2. Clint you bad boy you, but then on the other hand he satisfied two LTW's in just a few days! Wow!


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