January 31, 2012

McMillans (4) - Round 18

Autumn felt the cramping.  Recognizing it for what it was, she called for Casey.  Thankfully the Nanny was here, so Autumn was able to go to work right after her daughter, Meadow, was born.

"Man, I can't sleep! That baby keeps crying," River complained. 

"I know! I wish we had our own room!"

Casey was pleased.  He'd reached the top of the education field.  There were so many things he'd like to change and now he had the opportunity!  He envisioned a new Paradise Bay school structure!

But, first things first!  His little girl was growing up! 

He couldn't believe what a cutie she was.  Meadow was always giggling about something.

"Where's Meadow?" Casey asked as he gave her a piggy back ride.   He heard her giggling behind him.  Turning around quickly, he smiled as she squealed with happiness.  "Where is she? Where's that little Meadow?!"

"I right here!" she called as she grabbed his ear.

"Ah! There you are! You scared me! Well, now that I've found you, let's get you to bed!"


  1. Ahahahahaha, the last picture is just so amazing XDDDD! Meadow is really really cute *-*!

  2. That last picture cracked me up. Potty training gone wrong!

    I loved the expression on Casey's face. He looked so exasperated. :)

    1. The first thing I thought of was the movie Alien...lol


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