January 16, 2012

McMillans (4) - Round 17

Casey waited patiently as Clint attempted to woo another chick.  At least, he thought he was being patient.  Autumn was right.  What kind of example would Uncle Clint be to their children?

"I hate to do this, Clint, but it's not working.  Autumn and I talked about..."

"Autumn and you talked about it? Why didn't you talk to me?" Clint accused.

"That's what I'm trying to do now!"

"No, you're telling me what YOU and AUTUMN decided to do. God.  You haven't changed a bit."

Casey crossed his arms.  "Yeah. Well neither have you. You're still about the girls."

"HEY! You were too! Don't judge just because Autumn's got you whipped now!"

"That's enough! I was trying to do this nicely.  We'd like you to go. I bet Mom and Dad..."

"Forget it!" Clint yelled. "Don't worry about me. I'll figure something out. I don't need you telling me where to go."

Casey scoffed. "Yeah. Well I'll tell you where you can go.."

Clint snarled, "Back at you, buddy."

Casey stewed as Clint climbed in the car.

Autumn tried to smooth things over.  "Bye Clint. Come visit soon, okay?"

Clint didn't even respond.  Casey couldn't believe what a jerk his brother could be.  He didn't wave as the taxi drove off.

Autumn sighed a breath of relief. "Oh thank God that's over! Come here!"  She grabbed him and hugged his tight as she whispered in his ear what she was going to do to him now that his brother was gone.

Things were looking up, Casey thought.  He should've kicked Clint out sooner!

 (Just wanted to show off the pretty house. I'm loving the corners in the house!)

Autumn shouldn't have been surprised when she wound up pregnant, but she was anyways.  She'd been hoping to get her big promotion first.  And despite being pregnant, she still went to work every day.  She didn't need a maternity leave.  She was beginning to suspect her boss was sexist though. Either that or he didn't like pregnant women! 

"Casey! Where are you?" Autumn called out.

 Little girl Summer...

 ...and little boy Everett

Casey tucked the babies into bed. "Phew. Man! Twins are hard work! Remind me to call my mom & tell her thank you!"  Casey sighed.  Just thinking about twins made him miss his brother.  He & Clint might have had their fair share of fights... but nothing that had lasted this long.

"Come to the livingroom," Autumn called.

Casey walked in and sat on the couch, then bolted awake when he saw Autumn begin to dance for him... in her underwear.   She always knew how to put him in a better mood!  (This picture was actually completely accidental.  Casey sat down & all of a sudden Autumn began doing the hula dance.  I think Casey's face was because he was actually about to cough.)

"Thanks for coming over Dad.  It's great to see you."  Casey hugged his Dad.  Feeling awkward, he asked, "Have you heard from Clint?"

Austin shook his head sadly.  "No. I'm not sure where he landed.  I asked a few people to keep their eyes open.  Hopefully we'll hear from him soon."

"It's all my fault."

Austin reassurred Casey.  "It's never all someone's fault.  Clint is just as much to blame in this situation as anyone.  Time will work it out. It always does.  Now show me my grandbabies!"

"They're not babies anymore!" Casey grinned.  "They'll little toddler hellions now! If I have to clean up the toilet one more time," Casey groused.

Austin laughed so hard he nearly doubled over.  "Payback's a pain, isn't it?"


  1. I am quite sorry about Clint O_O. Poor guy... I hope he finds another place soon. Though I am happy for Autumn and Casey :). Good luck to them.

  2. Having relatives living in the house with you is like keeping fresh fish around. Both start to stink after a while. hehehe


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