January 31, 2012

McMillans (3) - Round 18

"Dad! Will you play with me?" Lizzie whined.

Lawrence finished patting Chevy on the head and sighed.  "Man, I'd love to Lizzie, but I have to go get ready for work.  Tonight, okay?"

Sarah fixed Lizzie with a stern look.  "And it's time for you to work on your homework, young lady."

Lizzie grumbled.  She hated school! Oh well, at least she was popular!  Everybody at school loved coming home with her to play!

"Ta da!" Lizzie proudly announced when she'd finished her cartwheel.

Ben Landry cheered. "Way to go Lizzie! That was great!"

Lizzie lifted her chin a notch.  "I know! Maybe if you practice, you can be like me!"

"Mom! You're home!" Lizzie cried as she ran over to hug her Mom.

"Hi baby!" Lizzie said as she hugged her daughter back.  "Guess what! Mommy got that promotion!"

Sarah invited a few friends over to celebrate.  It wasn't everyday when a girl made it to the top of the food chain!

"Mom?" Chevy called the next morning.  "Your game magazine came in." Pause.  "Can I read it?" Pause.  "If you don't say anything, then that means yes!" Chevy paused again, listening. Giddily, he grabbed the magazine and went to his room to get comfortable. 

Lawrence couldn't believe Lizzie was ready to be a teenager!  "One more daddy-daughter dance?" he asked.

Lizzie giggled.  "Of course, Daddy!"

Happy Birthday!

Lizzie couldn't believe how lame her party was!  She knew that Mom had invited family over - but where were her friends?!

She wasn't a little girl anymore....

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  1. She was sweet as a kid, but as soon as she became a teenager she became typical....LOL


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