January 16, 2012

McMillans (3) - Round 17

"Come on back to bed, tiger," Sara called as she walked back to bed.

Lawrence hurriedly tucked Lizzie in and headed after Sara.

Gotta invest in better birth control! Sara thought afterwards.  Not that she minded. Another baby in the house would be nice.

In the meantime, Sara enjoyed her maternity leave and spent most of her time playing with Lizzie.  Being a stay at home mom was pretty cool, she thought happily.  Kids did the cutest things!

"Tomorrow is Lizzie's birthday party. Do you think you can knock off work early and come?"

Lawrence frowned.  "I don't think I can.  I'm really trying to push for this promotion."

Lizzie sighed.  "I understand, baby.  I just wish you could be there, too!"

The party as well-attended though.  Uncle Anthony even managed to take off from his job to come see his niece grow-up.

"It's my birthday guys!" Lizzie yelled happily as she bounced on the couch.  All of sudden Sharon shrieked and all the adults ran to see what was the matter.  "Guys.... it's my birthday!"  Where did everyone go, Lizzie wondered.  They'd all been watching her...

Lizzie saw her mom doubled over in pain. 

Sara smiled. "I'm okay, honey.  Come see your brother Chevy."

"But, it's my PAR-TY,"  Lizzie said unhappily.  She was not impressed.  This was her birthday party and Chevy stole it! (Wow! Sibling rivalry early! Lizzie actually had a negative relationship with her brother Chevy.  He's just a baby, Lizzie! Geez!)

Lawrence came home from work exhausted. He'd done it though. He'd gotten that promotion he'd been dreaming about.  Something easier sounded good to him.. maybe in the slacker field.

"Daddy! Daddy! Guess what! It was my birthday today!" Lizzie cried when she saw him.  "Play with me!"

Lawrence swung Lizzie around the room a few times, then set her down.  "Okay, honey, Daddy's whooped."

Sarah called from the other room.  "Is that you, tiger? Come see Chevy!"

Lawrence perked up and bolted to the nursery.  "Chevy was born? Why didn't you call me?"

"But your promotion..." Sarah teased.

"To hell with the promotion. I would've been here in a minute!"

Lizzie frowned.  Dumb baby.

Lawrence rescued Chevy from Lizzie teasing him again and put him to sleep in the crib.  "Lizzie. What have I told you about teasing Chevy?" he asked.  "It's not nice!"

(Man, I think all Sim parents should have a 'lecture child' interaction.  Plus a 'send to bed' & a 'do your homework'.  And the kid would shuffle their feet, slump their shoulders & go do it.  Lol.  Especially after you caught them teasing the poor baby for the 3rd time in a row!)


  1. I agree with your final consideration XDDD! Aaaah, I really love this family and their house :)!

  2. I have never paid much attention to older sibling's feelings toward a new baby in the house. I will start paying attention from now on!


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