January 29, 2012

McMillans (2) - Round 18

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Tristen watched her girls studying.  They're so like their father, she thought happily.  So studious & thoughtful!
Austin was quite pleased with life.  He and his wonderful wife of 60 years were approaching 85 years old quickly.  They'd lived a full, happy life.

 "Hey Grandma, I missed my bus, can you take me?" Mark asked. 

Elizabeth glanced down, startled.  "Mark! You missed the bus?"

Elizabeth loved school.  Not because of the teachers, but because there were so many fun kids to hang out with!

Austin tapped his fork against the side of his glass to get everyone's attention.  "I'm so glad my family and friends have joined me tonight to celebrate our marriage," Austin said.  "We're quite a few years older, but I love Elizabeth just as much as I did when we first met in highschool."

Elizabeth grinned and held her glass up.  "He wouldn't have noticed me if I hadn't complimented his brains!"

Austin smiled fondly at his wife.  "Well if I hadn't noticed you, then I wasn't a very smart cookie."

Casey grinned, "To Mom & Dad!"

 Michelle hoisted David up. "Man, you're getting heavy! Come on, let's put you to bed. It's way past your bedtime!"

"Did I miss the party?" Conrad asked worriedly when he got home.  He wouldn't gone in, but that promotion was ripe for the picking.

Tristen smiled sadly.  "I'm afraid you did.  But, go in and give your folks a hug. I know it would mean the world to them!"

Austin kissed Elizabeth sweetly as they cuddled in bed.  A knock on the door interrupted them.

"Who is it?" Austin called out as Elizabeth giggled.

"It's me, Conrad. I wanted to wish you guys a happy anniversary!"

"Thank you, dear!" Elizabeth called out as Austin grumbled "Come back later!"

Conrad heard giggling and shuffling in the bed and quickly got the gist.  "Sorry!" he called through the door.  "I'm just to pretend that didn't just happen."  He walked into the kids room to check on David, who was sleeping soundly.

Conrad found them cuddled against each other the next morning.  They must've gone at the same time, he thought sadly.

Alan peeked his head up.  "Hey, how are you doing?" he asked Helen.

Helen shrugged.

Motioning to the water balloon fight, he tried to entice her to have some fun.  "We're missing a good time!"

Helen shrugged again.  "I don't care. It doesn't matter anyways."

"You miss your Grandma & Grandpa?"

Helen nodded miserably.

Alan sat with her for a moment, looking at his hands.  "I kind of know.  I never really knew my Mom.  She clinically died, but then came back to life and nothing was ever the same after that. It's almost like she died.  But, she actually lives across town with some new bozo." Shrugging, he added, "It's hard to lose someone..."

Helen wiped a tear away.  "I just don't understand how Michelle can be fine already & I feel so... so... helpless!"

Alan reached out and grabbed Helen's hand.  "Everyone deals with their grief in a different way.  She's just surrounding herself with friends.  So.... come join us!  I'll be over there getting hit with water balloons if you want to join!"

Helen watched him slide down the pole.

Maybe it would be better not to dwell on it, she thought.  Then, before she could change her mind, she ran over to join them.

Happy Birthday Mark!

"Mom, we were thinking, well, since Grandma & Grandpa passed away, well, all of us were thinking a puppy might be nice.  We would walk him, and feed him, and take care of everything!"

Tristen smiled.  "I think a puppy would be good for everyone.  I would love one, too!"

"Oh God," Tristen worried.  "If I had known I'd get pregnant, I wouldn't have let the kids get a puppy!"

"What was that, honey? This cooking show is fascinating!"

Helen tried to talk to Alan every day when it was possible.  He'd really helped her get through a hard time.  They didn't make friends better than him!

"I'm so ready for school tomorrow Dad! I'm gonna make A's!"

Conrad was glad to see David so excited about school and learning.   Education was one of the most important things in life.  It helped you through so much!

Tristen gripped her belly and moaned.  "Girls, go get your Father! I think it's time!" 
 Helen & Tristen took the newborn twins, Mary & Martin, into the kitchen to feed them a bottle.


  1. I love all the kids here *-*, newborn too! I am sad about Austin and Elizabeth, but it's good that they passed away at the same time.

  2. How sweet, Austin and Elizabeth going at the same time. Yay for ANOTHER set of twins though. heh. This seems to be the norm in this hood. I think it odd if single baby comes. hehehe


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