January 15, 2012

McMillans (2) - Round 17

Helen and Michelle loved playing outside together.  "Tag!" Michelle yelled as she ran up the slide, "You're it!"

Austin was so happy that he had the chance to be a part of his grandchildren's lives.  It made him think about all the wonderful times his own parents had missed out on.

 Kevin was glad to be getting out of the house and heading for college.  It was time to make a name for himself - not just be Kevin, Clint & Casey's younger brother!

Mark ran out to see Kevin off.  "Dibbs on the bed!" he cried as he raced to the room he shared with his siblings.

Helen sighed.  At least there weren't any babies to wake them up in the middle of the night anymore!

Maybe she spoke too soon...

Helen snickered at the breakfast table.  "You look like a boy, Michelle," she teased. 

Michelle looked at her brother and then glared across the table.  "Do NOT!" she yelled.

Welcome to the world little David!

Now that Helen was too "cool" to play with her, Michelle found herself inviting all her school friends over.  She was so lucky to have such good friends!

Helen hated it when Michelle begged for her to play outside.  That was for kids!  She was more interested in boys, shopping and... boys!

Austin couldn't believe what a rich life he'd led.  He'd had a Golden Anniversary and reached the tops of two careers.  Now he couldn't wait for more grandbabies!

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