January 29, 2012

Landrys - Round 18

Lyndsay approached Ryder Monday morning.  "I think it's time that we find a place of our own," she said.

Ryder looked around, "But why? This place is perfect!"

Lyndsay sighed.  "Because I miss the city.  I'm not much of a beach bunny.  I have fair skin! I burn!"

Ryder gazed longingly at the beach that he'd grown up on.  "But, the fresh air is so good for us.  And the ocean!"

"You know your brother loves the ocean more than you do.  And one of us is going to have to move now that Jade is pregnant.  There's just not enough room.  Let's let Dean have this home.  We'll come visit!"

Ryder glanced around one last time, knowing she was right.  "I'm going to miss this place," he said sadly.

"I know, baby. I know."

 It caught everyone off guard when they'd received the call that Sally had passed away. 

 "I just wasn't ready," Dean cried to Jade.  "I wish she'd had the chance to meet our baby."

Jade hugged him tight.  "I know.  She was a wonderful woman!"

Dean just buried his head in her shoulder and cried.

Rueben didn't know what to make of his life.  He'd spent a lifetime loving Sally more than the ground he walked on. 

You just didn't get over  a love like that, he thought sadly, as he poured another drink.

Jade was ready to pop any minute now.  She loved swimming in the ocean before bed.  It helped her relax.  Dean worried about her swimming when she was so far along, but she was perfectly safe!

It wouldn't be long before she didn't carry around that extra 20 pounds anyway!

" Little Ben!" Dean called out after coming home from work.  "What a handsome little man, you are!"

It broke Dean's heart that his Dad never got the chance to meet his newest Grandson.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Jade asked.

"I'm okay," Dean said.  "I'm just sad."

Scooting closer, Jade seductively suggested something that would take his mind off of his grief.

"For God sake, Jade! I just lost my Dad!" Dean mumbled.  "I'm going to bed."

Jade recoiled back and stared at the ceiling as Dean pulled the covers up over him.  "Night," she said sharply.

Dean didn't say anything at all.

Time passed in a blur.  Soon it was time for little Ben's birthday.

"You're not so little anymore!" Dean said proudly.  "Look at how handsome he is," he told Quinn.  "Doesn't he look just like Dad?"

Quinn looked close.  "I don't know. I can't tell. He's still such a little tyke! Don't worry, though.  They grow up fast!"

 Jade walked out of the surf and flexed her muscles.  It felt so amazing to be normal again! Pregnancy sure zapped all your energy and strength!  She was finally starting to get fit after her pregnancy!  She'd been able to shed the last of the baby weight.

"Looking good," she heard a man from down the beach call.  Turning towards the sound of the voice, she smiled. 

"Well hello to you, too."

Dean snuggled up against Jade and sighed wistfully.  "I've missed us being close like this," he said.

Jade leaned her head against him.  "I know. Me too.  But, you've had a herd year. And then you add work and baby to that. It's no wonder we haven't gotten a moment to ourselves"

"I'd like to change that," Dean whispered.

"I'm listening..." she teased.

Ben hurried the next morning to make sure he had a bologna sandwich and an apple for lunch.  He had to hurry. The bus would be here in a moment and he did not want to be late on his first day!


  1. Love their house *-*!!!! I usually dislike twikii style, but here you did a good job! And despite the sadness, things seem going well for the family :).

  2. I've loved this house! I really fought against updating it because I loved the layout so much - the small, little beach house. BUT, they needed more space!

  3. This neighborhood is getting so big it is hard for me to keep up. But there are certain lots I go to and remember, sometimes connected by the lot itself or the Sims in it. I remember this one because of the beach house and the Uni Sim Rueben. heh Now I will remember it only for the house.


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