January 15, 2012

Landrys - Round 17

Ah, Dean thought, this is the life.  He'd missed the salty taste of the ocean while he was away at college.  Nothing could replace the feeling of the sea...

Except maybe a beautiful stranger....

Dean couldn't believe his luck! He'd gone into town to grab a bite and had run into the most beautiful blonde he'd ever met.  They had a ball chatting over dinner and taking some funny pictures.  He'd asked her back to his house and was pleased when she agreed.

"Thanks for coming over. It's a little cramped. I just got back from university," Dean made excuses for still living at home.

Jade laughed, "It's all good.  I would move back in with my parents too if they lived on the beach!"

Dean smiled. "Pretty sweet, huh?  I love the ocean!"

After what felt like hours talking, Jade glanced at her watch.  "Oh God, look at the time! I have to get home. Can we do this again?"

Dean held her hands, "I hope so."

Jade leaned forward and kissed him lightly.  "I know so!"

Feeling invigorated, Dean went to watch the waves.

 Some time later that house got just a little bit more cramped...
Ryder & Lyndsay were the proud parents of little Annie.

Then...tragedy struck...

In a freak accident, some grease from the omlettes caught fire and then spread quickly to Sally's sweater.

"Quick! DO SOMETHING!" Dean shouted at Lyndsay.  Ryder ran into the room and grabbed little Annie to carry her to safety. 

"What should I do?" Lyndsay sobbed.  "Where's the extinguisher?"

Dean sobbed into his hands.

"No! It can't be too late!" Rueben cried next to Sally where she lay on the ground.  "Please don't let it be too late!"

Sally stirred and then sat up.  "Oh thank goodness for this flame retardant clothing!"

Rueben glanced over her charred clothing.   "Are you okay? Are you sure?"

Sally lightly laughed.  "I'm perfectly fine, dear.  Just a little shook up.  We're buying a new oven & smoke alarms for every room!"

Ruben kissed Sally deeply.  "No more cooking! Ever! We'll order pizza every night! I don't want to lose you!"

 After a spectacular date, he took a breath and made the next move...

"Will you move in with me Jade?"

Jade smiled.  "Are you sure there's enough room?"

Dean hugged her tight.  "Of course there is!"

And it was settled.  Jade moved in as Dean's girlfriend.

But as Dean snuggled his niece Annie, he couldn't help but imagine what a beautiful little girl he & Jade would have...

...and maybe they would find out sooner than anyone thought!

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  1. What luck, twice! finding a beautiful woman like Jade, and then robbing Grimmie of an untimely death! Nice.


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