January 16, 2012

Johnstons - Round 17

Alyssa came home, excited to have gotten the highest grade in her whole class.  "Look Dad! Look!"

Susie came in from work. "Congrats sweetie.  We'll make your favorite meal!"

"Macaroni!" Alysaa cried out.  Woo hoo!

"Come on Mr. Wuggles.  We're getting macaroni tonight. I'll save you a bowl."  Susie played with her teddy bear until her Mom called her for dinner.

 "You stay here," Alyssa told Mr. Wuggles. "I'll be right back."

Caleb couldn't believe Heather had called him.  They'd had a fun time at Norma's party the other day. 

(Man... I think Heather called all the boys in town this Round!  She's a Family sim, so apparently she's on the prowl for husband material.)

Amar had some good news of his own when he came home the next day.

"I'm so proud of you, baby.  Do you want me to make your favorite meal, too?"

Amar smiled. "Oh boy! Macaroni!"

Susie came home, feeling like they were on a roll.  "Hey! Where's my macaroni?" she teased as she walked in the door.  "Let's celebrate!"

Alysaa rolled her eyes.  "Don't look at me! It's my birthday!"

Alyssa was so glad a few friends came over to party with her.  Mom said they could stay until 10 & cleared it with all their parents. She was really taken with Charles, though.  He was amazing!

"Hmm.. did you hear about what Caleb did the other day?" she snickered.

Charles just fanned himself.  Alyssa was so hot! Too bad her Mom was a top cop! 

"I'll talk to you later, Caleb," Sabrina said as she kissed him goodbye.  "Call you later!"

Heather watched as she sat at the table.  God, what a hussy, she thought.

Caleb fanned himself real quick and then sat down to play chess with Heather.  He was finding it hard to concentrate, though.

"I'm right here, you know." Heather snapped.

Caleb looked up. "I know. I'm playing chess with you."

Disgusted, Heather shoved her pieces away from her.  "Is that the type of girl guys like? She's so easy! I thought you were better than that!"

Caleb was surprised. Where did this come from? he wondered.  "Hey! Sabrina's really nice."

"Yeah. To everyone." Heather felt childish. And jealous. Really jealous.

Caleb got up. "Look I have to get to work. Maybe we should hang out later when you're not acting like a jerk."

"Fine with me!" Heather huffed.

Caleb was so angry with Heather.  Just because he kissed Sabrina didn't mean he had to listen to her nag.  It's not like they were dating... they were just... friends.  Although, come to think of it.. she called an awful lot... and came over all the time...

Did she like him? he wondered.

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  1. Woah lots of getting to the top of the career, lots of platinum premium being spread around. And yes, more teen aged soap opera!


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