January 28, 2012

Harts - Round 18

Aaron hadn't been prepared for his birthday. It'd caught him unawares!

"Am I really that old?" he'd asked Ashlee sadly.  "I felt like I was in the prime of my life still!"

Ashlee rubbed her belly, "Well, you're still young enough to do this!"

Aaron rubbed his wife's belly, feeling the slightest bump.  "Are you...?" he asked hopefully.

Grinning, she nodded her head.  "I'm pregnant. I just found out!"

Aaron hugged her tight.  "I guess I still am a virile, young man!"

Frankie invited his friend Lacy over.  Wow, when did she get boobs? he wondered.   "Looking good, Lacy!" he grinned.

Lacy laughed.  "You're not too shabby looking, yourself!"

 Tentatively, he leaned forward for his first kiss with his best friend. 

"Awkward?" he asked nervously after he'd pulled back.

Lacy smiled wide and opened her eyes.  "Not at all. Nice. Very nice!"

Frankie sighed.  "For me too!"
Diane slow danced with Seth in the kids room. They'd had such a wonderful life together.  They'd raised two smart, happy boys in a laughter-filled household.  They'd had luck with whatever careers they'd decided to go into.  And they had an amazing love. It was time to kick back and enjoy their golden years.
Ashlee strained in the bathroom and let out a whimper.  It was too crowded in here, she thought.  What the hell was the gardener doing in here.  "Get out!" she growled. Who wanted an audience for the labor?!

Ashlee couldn't believe what a beautiful baby girl she held in her arms.  "Welcome to our family, Dawn!" she said happily.

Frankie laid in the grass next to Lacy and watched the clouds drift by.  He could stay like this for hours, he thought, leaning over to kiss her.

"You're the best girl in the world," he told her.  "I hate that I'm going off to college and we won't be able to be together anymore."

Lacy frowned.  "I know. But, you can still call. And we can email. And I'll be going to school in 4 years! By then, you'll be done, but you can live nearby while I'm at campus and we can be together."

Frankie stroked Lacy's hair that had fallen in her face.  "That sounds wonderful."

Matt was kind of girl-crazy, but in a good way.  He loved going out on dates.  Each girl was different in her own way.  They weren't serious dates, they were just get togethers and  a fun time!

And thankfully, none of the girls had fallen for him! They just considered him their best friend!

"Man, you go on a lot of dates," Theo observed.

"So?" Matt asked, annoyed.

"Nothing, I'm just saying..."

"Well, go 'say' something somewhere else!"

Theo shrugged.  "Okay."  He walked over to talk to Sabrina.  Some people were so touchy!  When Sabrina attempted to tickle him, Theo put her in a headlock and gave her a noogie.

"Ouch! Theo! Let me go!" Sabrina demanded as she stomped on his toe. Hard.

Theo let her go and jumped back. "Ow! I thought we were playing!"

"You rough house too hard," she complained.

Sighing, Theo shrugged.  Touchy!

"Okay everyone, gather round! It's Dawn's birthday!"  Ashlee called to the room.   "Diane.  Do you have the cake?"

"I certainly do," Diane grinned as she walked out of the kitchen.  "I did something a little fancy.  Baked Alaska! I learned the recipe on the cooking show this afternoon!"

"It looks delicious!" Ashlee said.  "Everybody, altogether, Happy Birthday..."


  1. When family are this happy, I usually don't know how to comment XD... Good family, I wish them others happy sim-years.

  2. Wow baked alaska for the cake. Never thought of doing that, nice touch for this entry.

    1. You have to be careful no one catches on fire. It would make for a very disruptive birthday party!


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