January 14, 2012

Harts - Round 17

Ashlee could tell Freddie was weirded out by the fact that Ashlee had delivered at home.  He nervously paced the livingroom.  "Do you need anything else, Aunt Ashlee?"

Ashlee smiled and held up the beautiful smiling boy.  "No, Freddie, everything's okay.  Come meet your cousin Theo."

Seth came home from work more tired than usual.  Sighing, he flexed his hands.  Some of the younger guys at work were dropping hints that it was time for him to retire, but he wasn't ready yet!  He couldn't believe how much adventure he had missed in the world until Diane brought it to his attention!  He imagined they would be sharing adventures until they were old and gray... well... more old and more gray than they already were...

The object of his dreams and his study partner is 3rd period spanish class, otherwise known as Heather Reed, actually called him, Freddie thought excitedly.  Called him! On her own! Sure she wanted to talk about the project they were assigned... but she called him!

Matt was tired of the family treating him like he was a baby! He was 6 years old now! He could do lots of things he couldn't do before!

Freddie was over-the-moon-happy the next day when Heather called out of the blue.  "Hey, I gotta get to work, but I'll call you when I get back!" he said breathlessly.  "Oh to hell with it! What's one day of work?! Do you want to come over?"

Freddie was anxious as he waited for Heather to show up.  He kept stealing a glance at her as they worked on their project.  Should he kiss her? he wondered.

 Gearing up, Freddie made his move.  It was sweet!

 "Freddie!" Ashlee called.  "Could you come here and help me with Theo. I've got my hands full!" Ashlee called.

Freddie sighed.  "That's my Aunt Ashlee.  Wanna come wanna come see my baby nephew?"

Ashlee smiled awkwardly.  "Aw, babies! I love babies!"

When they were alone, Heather glanced around and made sure no one was listening.  "Look Freddie," she said quietly, "I really want to go steady with Jesse Carter. I'm hoping he'll ask me at lunch tomorrow."

Freddie was crushed, but tried to hide his disappointment.  "Hey, no problem.  Good luck with that!" he said.

 Apparently Heather felt guilty....

The Harts are mostly knowledge Sims and like to spend their time skilling as a family:

The brothers Matt & Theo play with their toy garage and learn mechanical skills...

 Seth and Diane hit the books to max their skills...

 Happy Birthday Frankie!

 Happy Birthday Theo!

 Fun was had by everyone at the birthday party.  Grandpa Matthew would've been proud...

 "Time to go! I'm all packed" Freddie yelled out.  "I'm heading off to college now." The family gathered around and waved, offered congratulations.

Diane wiped a tear from her eye.  "My baby's growing up," she said sadly as Freddie walked out the door.  "Be good! Study hard!"

"Come on, Mom. Hula with me!" Frankie said, acting silly to make his Mom laugh.  And it worked...


  1. Nooooo, after he kissed her! Poor Fred!

  2. And let that be a lesson to the world. Don't have your Sim kiss someone & then ask what they want. They might not hear what they want to hear. Lol.


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