January 31, 2012

Harts (2) - Round 18

Freddie kissed Julie.  He still couldn't believe he'd lucked out and gotten the girl of his dreams!  She loved him!

Julie couldn't wait to show off their new place.  She invited over their friends and made lunch. 

"Julie... I had wanted to ask in college, but things got a little crazy.  I love you and I don't want us to just live together... I want us to be married, have kids, and grow old together!"

Julie gasped.  "Of course! I will! Oh, Freddie!"

"Awww," Audrey sighed.  "That's so romantic!"

After all their guests had left, Freddie & Julie cuddled together in the booth. 

"Do you want to get started right away on a family?" Freddie asked suggestively.

Julie grinned. "Well, now that you mention it... I would... And I know the perfect way to do it..."

Julie was so glad that Freddie had agreed to adopt two little puppies. Cleo & Bonzo! Maybe they could be the ring bearers in their wedding!

After calling over family & friends, Freddie & Julie were married right away.  Freddie didn't want to have to wait any longer for Julie to take his last name.

Gazing at her adoringly, he still just couldn't believe he'd been lucky enough to marry the girl of his dreams!  She was so smart, beautiful, and funny!

Julie was so excited to start her job.  She was just starting out, but knew that in time she could rise up to the top of the ranks. And her mentor expressed a lot of interest in her.

"I know you can do this job," he told her one evening.  "If you play your cards right, you'll wind up with a promotion fast!"

Julie had eagerly soaked up everything he said.

But, the by the third night in a row, she was starting to get a funny feeling about the situation...

Max had just told Julie a rather risque joke.  Julie was feeling incredibly uncomfortable, but had weakly smiled anyways.  What were you supposed to do, she wondered.

"Get it?" Max laughed.  "I knew you would!" Leaning over, he reached over to slap her on the bottom.

"Mr. Greene! That's enough!" she said firmly, moving away from him.  "I've tolerated your over-familiarity because I did not want to insult you.  But, you have really taken this too far!"

Max stepped back, his face reddening. 

"I'd like you to leave now."

Max frowned, "You're going to regret this!" he warned.

Behind him, Bonzo & Cleo growled.

Max glanced back fearfully. "Call your damn dogs off!" he shouted.

Julie casually crossed her arms, "I'm sorry. You were saying I was going to... what?"

Later that night, Julie made sure both dogs had a big bone to chew on.  "Good girl," she told Cleo.  "You were wonderful!  Did you see how fast that silly old man ran?"  Julie wasn't too worried that Max would cause problems.  She just needed to work harder and prove she deserved the job more than him.

"Puppies?!" Julie called out.  "Cleo! I didn't even know..."

Oof.... Julie felt a weird movement in her belly.  Must be gas, she thought.

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  1. Hahah dirty old man Max. LOL Oohh lala, puppies! Must be an LTW in there somewhere....


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