January 31, 2012

Goss - Round 18

Lilly couldn't believe what a great little baby Cliff was.  He was getting bigger though!  Soon she wouldn't be able to hold him like this anymore!

He looked just like his older brother Junior!

Junior crinkled his nose.  "It smells in here!" he announced. 

"I have to change Cliff's diaper.  Will you go tell Daddy dinner's almost ready?" Lilly called over her shoulder.

"Sure," Junior said as he ran out of the room.

Gabe had insisted on a small dinner party.  Before he'd met Lilly, he and his friends would get together once a week to discuss film and literature.  Now, it was hard to find the time between work & the kids.  But, he tried to maintain those ties. 

"Did you read the 'The Pleasure Grind' that just came out.  Everyone is raving about it.  I couldn't wait to get my copy," Claire announced at dinner.

"I read it last week," Roberto chimed in.  "Who hasn't read it yet?!"

Gabe put his fork down.  "I didn't get a chance to read it yet. But, it's on my night stand table."

Claire & Roberto exchanged a glance.  "Well, maybe we'll talk about it next week."

The next week soon approached and Gabe hadn't gotten anywhere close to touching the book.  His co-worker Adrien had been coming over.  They were having brain-storming sessions to figure out new, exciting stories.  They weren't having any luck.

But, somehow the subject had strayed to Gabe's literary group.  "I felt so embarrassed! Who hasn't read 'The Pleasure Grind'?" he mimicked.  "I'll tell you who! People who are busy and have lives!"

"I haven't even heard about it," Adrien noted.

Gabe sighed.  "It's actually supposed to be extremely well written.  It explores the Pleasure Sim's inner-mind.  We view the Pleasure seeker's as capricious individuals, but in reality, it's just as much work for them to have fun as it is for the Wealth seeker to make money. It's all relative... " he trailed off.  He had gotten more and more animated as he talked about it with Adrien.

Adrien looked at Gabe funny.  "Oooookay...."
"I'm not asking for much," Gabe told Lilly later that night. "I just want a few hours here and there so that I can resume my reading group."

Lilly nodded.  "It's just that..." Abruptly she cut off and shook her head.  "Nevermind."

Gabe grabbed her hands. "No, what is it?"

"It's just that. Well, you already have a lot of time! You work with your co-worker when you come home, you read the paper in the morning and now you want even more time to do your literary group!  When do I get my time?"

Gabe scoffed. "You have all the time in world since you stay home every day!"


  1. Woah! Gabe, why don't you leave your job, let Lilly work, and stay *you* "home every day"? Then you'll talk about free time...

  2. Hahaha! The typical male mind. Thinks he should have more perks than the female can even consider having. Seems like to me he needs to stand back and take a look a the 'big picture'.


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