January 28, 2012

Downies (2)/Russell - Round 18

Lance couldn't believe how lame his parents were. They were always making googly-eyes at each other.  Sometimes it felt like nobody cared about him.  Hell, they both had forgotten they'd invite the headmaster over for private school.

"Sorry my parents couldn't be here. They got called away... on business."

The headmaster nodded his head, "It's highly irregular, but your academic background allows for an exception."

Lance felt relief flood his system.  "Thank you, headmaster.  You won't regret it.  I am fully committed to excelling in no matter what I attempt."

The headmaster stood up and shook the young man's hand.  "It's my pleasure. We'll see you at school tomorrow morning."

Whitney sighed.  Lance was mad at her for forgetting about the headmaster appointment.  Picking up Sami, she attempted to coddle him, but he just hissed and groaned.  "Looks like someone else is mad at me!"  Looking down, Whitney noticed an empty pet food bowl.  "Oh dear! No wonder you're so mad!"

(Looks like Weldon didn't die naturally like I had thought!  His dearly departed wife, Nancy, must've gotten anxious to spend the afterlife with him!  Tsk. Tsk.  I hate it when the ghosts kill their loved ones.  They should only haunt Sims they didn't have a good relationship with!)

"And I had to say I love you, in a song..." Victor sang.

Whitney sighed.  What a perfect date.  There wasn't anyone else in the world more romantic and wonderful than Victor.  It felt like their entire marriage had been one, amazing dream date!

(And somewhere along the way, Victor managed to earn 100k)

"Get a room, guys," Lance grumbled.  LAME! Lance thought furiously.

Victor knew he hadn't managed to bond with his son yet.  He just wished he knew how to make a break through.

"Hey, son, do you want to take a break and toss the ball around?" he asked.

Lance tried to keep from groaning.  Great, throwing the ball around with good, old dad.  Should be loads of fun, he thought sourly.

After an hour of tossing the ball back & forth, Lance wasn't ready to call it quits.  Dad actually knew a lot about sports.  He'd taught him to put just the right twist on the ball.

"That was awesome! Did you see how I put the twist on that last ball?"

Victor smiled and patted Lance's back.  "I sure did, son. That was real good.  Maybe next time I'll show you a trick for putting more spin on it."

"Yeah? That'd be great!"

Victor glanced at his watch.  "Want to go check out the sports channel.  I think there's a game on."

"Lead on!" Lance said happily.


  1. Yay for Lance and Victor *_*! And I too hate when ghosts hunt their loved ones ç_ç...

  2. Victor can now pay attention to his boy. YAY.

    1. Aw... boy bonding over sports... how normal. :)


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