January 28, 2012

Downies - Round 18

There was nothing that Camilla loved more than sitting on the worn bench, tickling the keys of the piano and getting lost in the music.

Well... there might've been something that she loved just as much.

That damn Quinn.  She couldn't believe he'd invite her over while his pregnant wife slept in the other room.  Even though she dreamed up evil, vile deaths that he might suffer as she pounded on the piano, a part of her craved him.

Giving in, she invited him over.

"Hey, baby," Quinn said as he walked up the drive and attempted to hug her.

"Don't touch!" she bit out, annoyed that the smallest touch would send such a thrill through her body.  "I'm still mad at you, even if I did invite you over."

Quinn pouted.  "Well, why did you ask me to come over then?"  He was genuinely confused.  She'd called him up and asked him to come over right away.

"I want you to be honest with me.  I want you to tell me what you want."

"What do you mean?" he hedged.

Camilla bared her teeth and hissed at him in anger.

Quinn jumped, frightened beyond belief.  "For Christ sake! Calm down! Easy!"  Placing his hand over his heart, he waited to make sure it was still beating before talking.

"Look, you want honesty. You want to know what I want?" Quinn offered, "I want to talk to Leah. We had a thing when she was in college & I can't help but think about it.  I think about my wife. I think about my kids. And I think about you."

Camilla stared in stony silence.

Spreading his arms wide, he broke her heart into little pieces, "You want to know if I'm going to leave my wife for you? No! Of course not! I love her more than anything. And our kids.  And that's the truth!"

Camilla should have been used to disappointment by now.  But, it still hurt.  Turning her back to Quinn, she walked inside and sat at the piano.

Quinn called after her, "You said you wanted the truth!" Then under his breath he mumbled, "Damn women!"

"Only some women," an old voice behind him scoffed.

Quinn wasn't sure how it happened, but he'd been talked into a romp upstairs with Regina! If he tried not to look above her chest, everything was fine... mostly... Shuddering, he hurried down the stairs.  He couldn't believe he'd hit rock bottom like that...

Downstairs, it was Rebeka's birthday.  She shouldn't have been surprised to see the mailman at her party.  Men seemed to drop by at all hours, always to see her Mother, the jerk.

Now that she was a teen, Rebeka felt like she could finally speak her mind!

"What the hell is going on in here?" Rebeka yelled from the doorway.  "Did you know Dad is right upstairs? I have half a mind to tell him what you're doing!"

"You wouldn't!" Regina dared.  "You wouldn't have a roof over your head for long!"

"HA" Rebeka scoffed. "As if you have any say in it! Camilla would destroy you first!"

Regina glared at her daughter.  "You would speak that way to your own Mother..." she started.

"Save it for someone who cares!" Rebeka growled as she slapped Regina.  "Some Mother you've been!"

Regina didn't need any reminders about how she'd failed as a Mother.  She had ruled an evil empire that allowed them to live in the lap of luxury.  She'd juggled 20 simultaneous lovers.  And yet all of her children hated her.

Drake hadn't even said goodbye before he headed away. Leaving the family!

Tucked away in the corner, Lestat played with his friend.  Here in the corner they wouldn't be bothered & could talk about whatever they wanted to talk about.

But instead, they played chess quietly, as though getting a feel for each other. 

"Oh God," Camilla thought.  "Things are about to get messy...."

Lestat was excited to see that Christa had responded to his email!

"Lestat" she wrote, "It was fun to play chess with you, as well.  Sometimes I feel shy.  It's hard to open up.  Everyone always wants to talk about my birth parents, or what it was like being in an orphanage. I hate that! And sometimes I feel like my life is just weird...."

Lestat glanced over his shoulder in time to watch Camilla use the joy buzzer on his Mother's lover.  Sighing, he turned back to the computer.

"Christa," he wrote, "Believe me. I know how weird feels.  My family is crazy!  I won't ask questions if you don't ask questions about my life! We can just play chess and pretend we don't have family at all!  Your best friend, Lestat."

Rebeka was so disappointed in the boys at her high school.  None of them were cute! Hoping to find someone worth dating, she called up the matchmaker.

She felt a little strange when the gypsy stared at her so intently, as though she knew something she wasn't telling her.  "What do you wish for, mademoiselle?" she asked.

Rebeka stared off dreamily into space.  "I want to meet my one true love!" she said wistfully.

The gypsy mumbled some words into her crystal ball and...

"Charmed," she flirted.  Tall, dark, handsome AND he had a job!  Rebeka couldn't believe her good luck!

"So, your name is Ashley?" Camilla asked.  "It's nice to meet you."

Ashley fidgeted.  "Look, I don't know if I'm ready to date yet."

Camilla waved her hand.  "This isn't anything serious! I just wanted to have a good time."

"Oh." she exclaimed.  "I felt the baby kick!"

Ashley turned green.  "No babies! Why is it that my dates end in babies?!" Shaking his head, he mumbled, "I have to go. Nice to meet you!" then scurried out the front door.

Camilla rubbed her belly, delighted to feel the kicking again.  "Strange man."

The gypsy came again at Rebeka's calling.  "Was there a problem with your true love, dear?" she asked.

Rebeka shrugged. "No, but I got to wondering if maybe there was someone else that was my true love? Like, what if there was someone else who just so happened to match me better than him? I wouldn't want to miss him!"

The gypsy scoffed gently, "Oh course not, dear."

"And this time dear?" the gypsy asked.

Rebeka just shrugged.  "I just like meeting new people!"

Lestat couldn't believe it. Camilla was finally having her baby!  "Mom! Dad! Come quick!"

Camilla groaned as she clutched her belly.  "I HATE him!" she cried.

"Hate who?" Regina asked.  "Who is the father?"

Camilla glared at Regina.  "That is none of your concern! The father will not know he has a child.  This is my child alone."

Blake rubbed his daughter's back.  "Whatever you want. We'll support you no matter what."

Lestat ran up to hold the baby's finger.  "What's his name?"

Camilla thought a moment.  "Quint.  His name is Quint."

Lestat grinned.  "That's a great name! Can I hold him now?"

Camilla smiled as she handed Quint to her brother.  He'd grown up into a responsible teenager without her even noticing it.


  1. I didn't get a picture of it, but Lestat took care of baby Quint quite a bit. One night, he took Quint downstairs to get a bottle.

    Except, instead of using the stairs normally, he hopped on the railing WITH baby Quint.

    My first reaction was "Oh God! Not with the baby!" Then, "CRAP! I missed it!" I spent the rest of the round hoping that he'd do it again!

  2. My sims never hopped on the railing, babies or not! How lucky! I still love this family, even if the Empire of Evil is no more :)... I hope that Camilla will find a suitable and *single* man for herself.

  3. Hahaha I have seen Sims get on the rail and ride down but NEVER with a baby in their arms! It always happens so fast anyhow. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for that now that I know it can happen! Quinn? Quint? Uh-huh.

    1. I was wondering if it was one of those quirks where the Sim "forgets" they're carrying something. Like when they walk outside & shield their eyes from the sun while carrying a puppy (That was funny!)


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