January 11, 2012

Downies - Round 17

Regina walked home in the early morning light.  It felt... weird...

Desperate to undo what her ungrateful son, Gunnar, had done to her, she hurried inside and called the gypsy.

"I want a potion to turn me back! Now!" Regina screamed.

The gypsy had looked at her with pity.  "There is no way to undo what has been done with magic, just nature."

Regina screamed with fury.

She ran up the stairs and found Blake resting on the bed.  "Where is Camilla?" she demanded.

Blake stared at his wife.  "What happened?" he asked with concern.

"Oh quit asking stupid questions," she demanded.  "Tell me where Camilla is."

"That's enough!" Blake snapped.  "I've let you push me around long enough.  And now without your power, how tough are you?!"

Regina paused.  There was more than one way around a problem.

"You're right, dear. I've been impatient." Regina handed him a rose."

Blake felt hope in his chest.  Maybe now that they were both human they would be able to get back on track.  Maybe it was the vampire genes that made them power-hungry.  It altered something in their heads and now that they were cured, they could live normal lives. Blake grasped her hands, "I want us to be normal! I want us to have 6 kids and marry them all off like normal families do!"

Regina smiled wanely, willing the sneer to stay hidden, "Of course dear.  But, first I need to speak with Camilla."

Blake couldn't believe it. Regina agreed! She wanted to be normal with him!  "She should be home from school soon.  Can we... will you... " he motioned towards the bed.

Oh for the love of, Regina thought.  "Not now, Blake. I've been through too much this morning..."

Blake nodded quickly. "You're right. I'm sorry. Can I get you anything?"

Regina fought off a panic attack. "No." she said sharply. "I'm just going to rest. Alone!"

Regina came awake suddenly and panicked when she saw the sunlight on her skin. Then she remembered.  She was no longer powerful or immortal.

She raced downstairs.  "Camilla," she demanded. "Turn me back!"

Camilla stared at her Mother. She'd been surprised to hear that Gunnar had gone toe-to-toe with her Mother, even more surprised that Gunnar had won.

"No. Your time is done. Make peace with it."

"You horrible brat!" Regina shouted as she rushed up the steps to cuff Camilla.  "After all I've done for you!"

Camilla hissed.  "Step back! You forget yourself! You are no longer the one in authority, Mother.  And everything you have ever done has always been self-serving!"

Regina tried to look affronted, "You can't mean that! I'm your Mother, I... I love you!"

"Ha!" Camilla snapped.  "A Mother that loves their child does not rob their childhood by turning them into a monster! A Mother that loves their child does not invite them to be the next criminal overlord. A Mother that loves their child... they say 'I love you' long before the child is almost a woman.  You are most definitely not a Mother that loves her children!"

Regina's shoulder's slumped.

"Furthermore, since it would break my Father's heart to send you away, you will stay here.  As a human.  And you will watch your life and your 'dynasty' fade away before your eyes.  This house will no longer be a house of crime.  Now go!" Camilla demanded.

Regina swished her skirt as she headed to her lair with her head held high, already trying to plan and scheme.

It was disconcerting being in the room with the satin-lined coffins.  She wondered if she would be able to sleep in a normal bed. Although, there was no reason she shouldn't stay in this safe haven.  

Blake relished the feeling of normality.  He didn't know where Regina had come by the potion she had given him, but he felt like he'd been given a new lease on life.  Everything seemed brighter, clearer, more beautiful.

"Happy birthday Lestat!" Blake sang.

Sabrina shifted nervously.  Babies... yuck!  "Can we go downstairs?" she asked, eyeing the kid.

Blake hugged Lestat again.  "Sure, come on. Let's go finish the homework!"

"Actually, I had something else in mind," Sabrina cooed.

Regina stepped out of the car a changed woman.  Camilla had effectively shut the doors to Regina's involvement.  There was nothing more for her there.  She had no power, no authority, no voice.

She came home feeling weak... and old...

But, there was still one department that she kept her power, she thought.

She was still able to seduce men...


Camilla sat on her throne and considered her next course of action.  She'd shut down the "family business" and sent the criminals thriving in the shadows on their way.  Only a few brave souls had dared to question her decision.  She'd sent them scurrying off like little rabbits.

"Drake," Camilla called.  "Come here, please."

Drake walked in the room.  Camilla had changed since the day she fought with their Mother.  She seemed older... wiser...

"Yes?" he asked.

 "I have a gift for you," she said.  "It won't make up for the past. But, I believe it will impact your future."

 Drake looked at the potion she'd slipped into his hand and felt anticipation. "Is it... is it for real?" he stammered.

Camilla smiled.  "Only one way to find out!"

"There's no way I can thank you!" Drake felt very close to crying.  He wasn't a monster anymore!  It was what he had wanted for years! He'd always hated it, unlike Camilla.

"You're a real boy now, Drake.  Now go to school and make me proud!"


  1. Why doesn't Camilla tunr human again too? I am a bit sad that the Downies family will not be a vampaire-criminal house anymore :///, but I do like that Camilla is choosing her path :).

  2. I think Camilla likes being a vampire. At the very least, more powerful than her mom! Drake has always hated being a vamp, so I made his dreams come true. I thought about having Camillla continue with the criminal activity, but she hated her evil mom too much to consider it

  3. Yes, I got the impression Camilla likes her vamp-like ways. I think there will still be fun stories out of this house though!


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