January 29, 2012

Downies (3) - Round 18

"Are you still going to love me when I'm an old man?" Gunnar teased Barbara.

Barbara goosed him.  "No way. You're supposed to be my boy toy!"

Gunnar tickled her back.  "Take that back!"

Barbara kissed him deeply.  "Age doesn't matter. Our love... that's what matters!"

Gunnar grabbed Barbara's hands and led her upstairs.  "Quick, before Christa wakes up from her nap!"

Christa woke up to find the spaghetti congealing on the stovetop.  Sighing, she turned off the heat and moved the pan away.  Looks like they were at it again!

Grabbing a book, she settled next to the bookcase and read about the adventure of Miss Kitty and the Yellow Frog.  She loved that Gunnar & Barbara had run out to the store to pick up books that she liked.  Sometimes it felt like they would do anything to see that she was happy and settled.

Going to her room to get dressed, she glanced around.  It was the perfect room.  They'd been so thoughtful and generous!

But, she still felt weird.  Like it wasn't really hers...

But slowly she was starting to look at them as her family.  They helped her with her homework...

Read her goodnight stories...

And seemed interested in everything she had to say.

Did it mean they loved her less if every now and then they seemed oblivious to her.

She really couldn't blame them.  Sometimes she liked to be alone too. 

It was nice to sit and think in the quiet. 
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Gunnar called. 

"What are you going to wish for?" Barbara asked.

Christa thought about it.  She had the perfect wish!  "I wish..."

Christa cut the cake and grabbed a piece. Not surprisingly, Gunnar and Barbara started to dirty dance.  Sighing, she rolled her eyes.  Parents could be so corny!

Christa loved to paint.  It had just happened that a painting wound up being featured at an exhibit and selling for $600!  She couldn't believe it!  Her very own money!


  1. Little Christa is not so little anymore I see :)... And she seems a good girl.

  2. So things are more 'normal' as 'normal' can be for a werewolf family for Gunnar. The vamps are gone from his life. I love Christa, I think she will be fine.


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