January 16, 2012

Downies (3) - Round 17

"Hello, old friend," Gunnar crouched out to stroke behind Kai-Lan's ear.  "We are victorious." Then, a sound down by beach caught his attention.  Standing up, he peered down towards the waves, not surprised to find her there.

"Come!" he ordered as he went inside. 

"With your help I was able to defeat the Evil Empress. She is now a shell of the evil that she was.  How can I repay you?" Gunnar asked.

Barbara smiled.  "I think you know how..."

Gunnar didn't need a second invitation.

As they stood on the balcony, watching the waves crash against the shore, Gunnar felt such tenderness... such... love... towards Barbara.  It made him feel powerful... potent... and feral...

What began as a chaste kiss became deeper and more passionate.  He ravaged her.

Barbara leaned back after such a powerful kiss and fanned her face.  She felt so raw and powerful! 

She in turn could hardly restrain herself as she lurched forward and returned his kiss.

Gunnar gazed at Barbara and knew immediately that they belonged together now.  She was a piece of him in all the ways that mattered.  "Come with me," he said as he led her down to the shore.  Solemnly, he slipped a ring on her finger.  "We are one."

Barbara stroked his hand and leaned forward to kiss him.  "You are my mate."

Gunnar and Barbara spent most of their days reveling in each other.  But, soon, Barbara wanted something more. 

"I never had children," she said out of the blue one day as they snuggled.  "I never regretted it until now.  With you, it makes me want more..."

Gunnar kissed her cheek. "We can adopt."

Barbara looked skeptical. "Do you think someone would let us raise a child... with our history?"

Gunnar was determined.  "They will if they know what's good for them!"

Gunnar couldn't believe how in love he was with Barbara.  To imagine such a love existed without him even realizing it. 

And she was so much fun to paint. 

"This is my favorite one." Gunnar said as he showed Barbara the portrait he had done of her. 

Barbara frowned.  "Are my hips that big?"

Gunnar walked up behind her and hugged her waist.  "They're perfect."

Gunnar came home with good news.  He'd reached the top of his career.  And he'd made inquiries into adopting.

"Prepare the home," he said when he walked through the door.  "Little Christa will be delivered tomorrow morning."

Barbara wrung her hands.  "Do you think she'll like it here?"

Gunnar hugged her tight.  "She'll love you as much as I do."

Gunnar's heart broke when he saw the little girl standing at the sidewalk. She looked so unsure of herself... of what was to come.  The social worker had just dropped her off and drove off without a second glance.  Gunnar scoffed.

Instinctively, he knew how to welcome her.  He wrapped her in a big hug and asked her to come see her room.

"Anything you want, just ask for.  We'll get it.  We want you to be happy with us."

Christa bit the ends of her hair and nodded.

"Would you like some time alone?"

Christa continued nibbling and nodded again.

Gunnar smiled.  "Welcome home," he said as he walked out.  "I'll get lunch ready."

When she felt ready, Christa tip toed out of her room and looked around.  Gunnar was nowhere in sight.  But, there was another woman.  She tried to hide.

"Christa! Welcome!" Barbara said when she saw her.  Barbara gave her a big hug.  "Let me look at you!" she exclaimed as she held Christa's hands out to the side.  "You are a beautiful young lady.  Thank you for choosing us."

Christa hurriedly grabbed her hands back and began nibbling on her hair. 

Feeling shy, she retreated to her room again.

 Barbara glanced towards the girl's room.  "I'm worried she doesn't like it here."

Gunnar shook his head. "She'll love it here. She just needs time..."

" ...She's in a new house with new people.  She'll come around..."

(Only two more dates & Gunnar will have had 50 dream dates. Whew! That's a lot of dating, especially since he had 50 1st dates in college!)


  1. Christa is lovely *-*! I hope she will like her new family: her parents sure love her!

  2. Whaaa? So many dates, I didn't realize. that would have made me bang my head. Krista is cute. Hope she doesn't think anything about her adoptive parents being werewolves. heh


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