January 15, 2012

Downies (2) - Round 17

Victor couldn't believe how fast his little boy had grown!

 But, there was no way around it... Lance was a growing boy!

It amazed Whitney every time she gazed at her son to think of how much time had passed in what seemed like a blink of an eye...

"I always hated school growing up," Whitney told Lance as she helped him with his homework.  "But it's extremely important! How else are you going to get a good job?!"

"I'm home, guys!" Victor announced as he walked through.  He'd just been given the all-clear to move back home full-time.  Apparently Regina's daughter had dismantled the criminal syndacite.  The criminals in town were packing up shop and leaving town.  And, for reasons that the bosses didn't understand, Regina was putting up with it.

He'd considered calling his old friend to get the scoop on the inside, but he'd been instructed to avoid all his old contacts.

Fine with him! He had a little boy to raise!

Besides, he was feeling his age, too.  Maybe a nice, cushy desk job at the intelligence office would be nice, he thought.

Or he could retire altogether and spend his golden years romancing his wife...

"Mom, it's weird since Dad's back. You guys are always together. You don't have time for me anymore!" Lance complained.

Whitney was shocked.  "Lance! That's a horrible thing to say! You should be happy your Father is back!"

Lance glared at his plate.  "Well, I'm not," he mumbled.

Whitney couldn't be happier that he was back.

She tried to take advantage of every moment for closeness...

Lance would just have to deal with it...


  1. Ahahahaha, poor boy :)! I understand Lance, but he has to deal with it :)!

  2. He looks like he's ready to kick something. See the cat hurrying away to hide...

  3. Kids don't always like the decisions their parents make. :/


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