January 29, 2012

Creelmans - Round 18

Man, there was nothing in this town to do! Opal thought.  No jobs, no fun! Nothing!

Hopping in the taxi, she dreamed of an adventure!

"How many, ma'am?" the clerk asked when she checked in.

"Just myself."

"Very well, ma'am.  Enjoy your stay."

It was hard not to enjoy yourself on vacation, Opal thought blissfully as she lounged by the pool.  Especially with such hot guys nearby!

After a few tours & visiting the local lots, Opal headed back to her hotel and stopped short.  There was the hottie.  "Hello," he said with an accent.

Opal smiled, "Hi. I saw you out earlier by the pool."

He nodded.  "I saw you noticing."

Opal blushed.  "Well.."  She felt an overwhelming urge to clear her throat.

"Would you like to come in and watch tv?" he asked.

Opal thought about it.  Should she?   Maybe what stayed in Takemizu Village stayed in Takemizu Village....

Hesitantly she agreed.

"You mean you really just wanted to watch tv?" she asked, kind of let down.

"Of course.  Did I mis-speak?" he asked.

"No! No... I just thought.... nothing..."

The handsome stranger turned towards her and played with a lock of her hair.  "Perhaps you had something else in mind?"

Opal fanned herself.  Oh man! That husky voice! That accent! It was enough to drive her wild!

Opal hadn't even considered the morning after.  And boy was it awkward!  "Umm... so thanks!" Opal said cheerily.  "That was fun.  I mean, that was wonderful. I just... well... I have to check out this morning."

Hurriedly, she raced from the room and packed up her things before she could change her mind.

As she signed the check, she started feeling doubts.  It had been an amazing night.  I'll just put it in the hands of fate, she decided.

Writing her name and number on a piece of paper, she handed it to the clerk.  "If the man across the room from mine asks for my contact information, please give him this."

Taking a deep breath, she handed over the scrap with her personal information.  Maybe if he called, they could see where life took them...

"Oh James, you should've seen it! It was amazing! I met this old guy who told me this amazing tale.  Can you believe it?  Oh! And I brought everyone souvenirs! Thanks for being such good friends!"

(Opal decided to prank her BFF Lindsay.  That's CAN'T be good for the baby!)

Jay tossed the ball to Charles.  He was glad his friend had come over. It was weird now that his sister was back. And she was always wearing that weird outfit.  She said she was showing her appreciation for another culture. 

HA! Like she was so cultured! Please! 

Just because she got a job in adventure & went on a dumb vacation didn't make her better than everyone else!

Whatever, he guessed it didn't matter.  He would be going off to college soon & then he wouldn't have to worry about her anymore.

Who had time to worry about their dumb sisters when they were at college?

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  1. I love taking Sims on vacation. Handsome stranger huh? LOL I don't see any baby bump for Opal. I guess what stayed in Takemizu stayed in Takemezu! No take aways for Opal!


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