January 15, 2012

Creelmans - Round 17

 Jody was pleased when she received the recognition as a living legend in the artist community.  With that type of recognition, she was sure to receive plenty of money!

 "Maybe it's time to start thinking about retiring?" Adam asked Jody one night.

Jody scoffed.  "Maybe after we have a big enough nest egg," she said.

"Well? How much do you want?"

Jody thought about it. "At least 100,000.  Then maybe I'll consider slowing down."

Adam tucked a stray hair behind Jody's ear.  "I just want to be able to enjoy our last years together, rather than always worrying about work!"

Jay had developed a love of working, as well.  He dove straight into being a security officer and surprised his boss by being such a hard worker.

Jody came home excited about the set of paintings she had sold earlier in the day.  It had put her well over her goal towards 100k.  She knew Adam would be excited!

"I'm so proud of you, honey," Adam told Jody as they lay in bed dreaming of all the things they could do now that she had retired.

"Yeah, but what now? Should we vacation? Start a business?"

Adam held Jody's hand.  "Let's start by not worrying about those things. Let's just enjoy this minute."

Jody smiled.  "This is a pretty nice minute, isn't it?"

Adam squeezed her hand and leaned forward to kiss her.

(Jody threw a retirement party for herself.  I'm so sad to see all my lovely neighborhood Sims as elders!  From left to right:  Evelyn Potter-Steele, Rueben Landry, Waylon Tan, Adam Creelman, Melanie Carter, Sally Landry; Standing: Jody Creelman & Seth Hart.  I'm not ready for any of them to pass away!)

Adam had spent hours and hours studying throughout his lifetime.  So, he genuinely felt that there was nothing else for him to learn.


He was wrong.

Nothing in the book prepared you for when your little girl moved away to college.

"If you need anything when you get to the dorm, let us know!" He told her before she headed off.  "And call us when you get there."

Opal smiled and hugged him tight. "I'll be fine, Daddy!"

"I know you will.  If that driver tries anything, use the mace I gave you."


"Fine! Fine! Go! We love you!"

Adam watched his little girl drive away and felt as though his heart had been ripped from his chest.


  1. I loved the picture with all the leders in it *-*! So sad, yes, but also it's really like life :).

  2. That was one of my favorite pictures, too! I remember when they were all little babies! *wipes a tear*

    1. Yes, yes, that is an impressive picture. I had not read beyond this post because I really didn't know how to respond. It is hard to think about your favorite Sims transferring to the great Sim Beyond...that is why you keep the ghosts around, and paint portraits.


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