January 25, 2012

Carters - Round 18

Sonja grudgingly allowed Ashley time with Alton.  She wanted him to be involved, but it was so annoying how it was whenever the wind blew him over.  He would come over to see his son after months of not coming over at all.  She was secretly pleased that Alton called Benjamin "daddy."

"Aw come on!" Ashley griped.  "You're teaching him to call your husband Dad. Just because I didn't marry you doesn't make me a bad guy!"

Sonja rolled her eyes.  "If you would come over more, maybe he would know you better!"

Ashley stomped his foot.  Sonja couldn't help but picture how much like a little boy he still acted.  It was like he was perpetually stuck in college!

"You don't make this easy, you know!"

Sonja rocked Alton on her hip.  "Maybe we should discuss this later."

"Sure. Fine. Whatever." Ashley pouted. "I've got a game. I'll come see him next weekend."

When Ashley left, she felt that familiar frustration that usually came with dealing with him.  She couldn't believe how wrong she'd been about him!

Taking Alton upstairs, she felt a sharp pain in her side.

"Ugh," she thought as she gripped her stomach.

"Mom! Dad! I need help!" she called down the stairs.

"Are you okay?" Brittany ran up the stairs.  "Is it the baby?"  Brittany burst through the door and found Sonja holding two beautiful little babies.

Sonja laid her first born son in her mother's arms.  "Meet your grandson, Travis," she said.  Then, cuddling her second-born twin, she grinned, "And Travis."

"Cool! Twins!" Alton cheered when he came in the room.  "I can't wait to tell the kids at school!"

Unfortuantely, Brittany didn't get much time to know her newest grandsons.  She passed away in the middle of the night.

Shannon just didn't know what he would do without his wife, and his best friend...

He died within 24 hours. 

His death hit Sonja really hard.  "It's like he just couldn't bare to be without her," she sobbed.  Benjamin wrapped his arms around her and held her.  He couldn't even begin to imagine how hard it would be to lose both parents in such a short time period.

"Maybe we should hold a wake?" he suggested.  He hoped it would help her reconnect with old friends and to help her say her final goodbyes.

(Funny shot from the wake.  Veronica the Commited Romance Sim was found outside with a bunch of guys all waiting in line to talk to her.  They took turns gesturing.  *shakes head*)

Time passed and Sonja began to come out of the fog after her parents' deaths.  It shocked her to realize that so much time had passed! Travis & Trent were toddlers & Alton was a self-sufficient, no-nonsense little boy.

Hugging Benjamin, she thanked him for giving her time to mourn and promising to be better from here on out.

Reeds - Round 18               Carters - Round 19


  1. I am happy that this time, with Benjamin, it's working :). Good for Sonja!

  2. Woah. Twinsies again. Tuff losing mom/grandma and dad/grandpa so close together. Wow.


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