January 11, 2012

Carters - Round 17

It felt so weird to be back home.  And Sonja missed Alton more than ever.  When she'd been away at college, it had been easier to forget that Alton was gone.  But, here, at home, it was almost impossible to forget.


Sonja almost swooned when Ashley walked through her door.  "Hey babe," he told her.  "Nice place you got here."

"I can't believe you came!" she said in awe.  "I thought we were just having a fun time in college.  What about your frat brothers?"

Ashley smiled and held his hands out.  "What? I can't visit my favorite girl?"

Sonja sputtered.  "No, of course! I mean, yes! Of course!" Quickly she covered her mouth and tried to take a steadying breath.  "I mean, it's so nice to see you."

Ashley smiled as he leaned forward and whispered, "So, do you think there's someplace private we could go? To celebrate?"

Sonja hedged.   "I'm not that kind of girl, Ashley.  I told you that in college.  I want commitment."

Ashley held his hands out.  "I've got commitment!  Look.  Here's a promise ring. You're my number one girl!"

Sonja gazed at the ring he'd placed on her finger and then on his own.  "Really?" she asked.

Ashley grinned as he said, "Would I lie to you?!"

"I'm so happy!" Sonja cried as she wrapped her arms around him.  "I knew we were meant for each other!"

Sonja led Ashley upstairs, confident that the commitment rings made a world of difference.

"Check you later, Mr. C!" Ashley said as he headed home.

Shannon watched Sonja's young man leave and shook his head.  How in the world did his baby girl fall for such an idiot?
 "Oh no, no, no, no, no..." Sonja moaned as she prayed to the porcelain god.  She'd been worried when she'd missed her period...

...and even more worried when Ashley wouldn't return her phone calls.  "What do you mean he's in class? You said that 3 hours ago?!"  She paused and listened as Ashley's frat brother made up some ridiculous excuse.  "Look," she said interrupting, "Just tell him his 'number one girl' needs to talk to him urgently."

Sonja was getting the feeling that Ashley might have quite a few 'number one girl's.

Sighing, Sonja glanced around the nursery.  Everything was in it's place and ready for her birth.  She stared sadly at the twin cribs and missed her brother dearly.  "I know you wouldn't have messed up this badly!" she thought sadly.

Ashley had finally come around. He'd definitely been shocked to find her pregnant and huge.  "Look, just save us both the embarrassment and leave," Sonja demanded.  "And take your silly commitment right with you."

Ashley hesitated.  "But, that's my baby... I mean... shouldn't I be involved?"

Sonja scoffed.  "Like you've been involved the last 6 months! Please! You didn't even want to return my phone call!"

Ashley looked down at the ring in his hand.  "But... a baby changes everything..."

Sonja ran her fingers through her hair.  "Look, we don't have to stay together just because we have a child.  I won't exclude you after the baby's born... but... right now I just need you to leave!"

Ashley's shoulders slumped as he walked away.

Feeling angry and disappointed in herself, Sonja walked back inside. God, another one of Dad's parties, she thought.  Feeling uncomfortable in the crowd, Sonja headed upstairs to have a good cry.

"Look, he's an idiot," Benjamin said from behind her.

"Wh... What?!" Sonja startled.  "Oh God. I didn't see you there Benjamin."  Benjamin had recently begun hanging out at their house quite a bit.  He and Dad got along really well.

Benjamin looked down at his feet.  "I just saw you'd been talking to Ashley and when you walked in, you looked like you were going to cry." Taking a deep breath, he got to the point.  "I just wanted you to know that if it was me... I would've called you back..."

Sonja's eyes flooded with tears.  "It's been so hard knowing what to do!"

Benjamin pulled Sonja close.  "I'm so sorry," he told her.  "I wish I could make it better for you."

Sonja scoffed through her tears.  "Well, I don't think there's much you can do!" she said as she leaned back.  And stared straight into Benjamin's beautiful brown eyes.

Benjamin watched Sonja and saw when she became aware that they were holding each other.  He'd loved her from afar since she came home from college, all grown up and beautiful.  "I could." he said.

"Could what?" Sonja asked nervously.

"Help you.  If you'll let me..."

"I..." Sonja started to say.  Benjamin leaned in and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

"Don't decide now. Just think about it."  He leaned forward and kissed her again and left her standing there wondering what she should do.

Slipping into her pajamas, she went to bed, hoping to sleep until the next decade.

She didn't even make it through the night...

 And she delivered a beautiful little boy she named Alton, after her brother.

Shannon cuddled his grandson and made cooing noises.  It was hard to believe sometimes.  5 generations of Carters had lived in this house.  He wondered if his grandfather Henry would be proud of them. 

Sonja fell more and more in love with Benjamin.  He was such a rock.  He came over after work and helped take care of Alton.  And her.  She didn't know how she'd gotten so lucky that such a wonderful man had fallen in love with her!

Shannon called up his best friend.  "Good news Alec!  Sonja had her little boy! She named him after Alton," Shannon stuffed down the tears that threatened to spill just thinking about his poor son.  "Yeah, yeah, a happy healthy baby boy!" Pausing. "Okay, I love you, too.  Talk to you soon!"  Shannon hung up, a proud grandfather.  Only 29 more phone calls to make, he thought happily.

Sonja hadn't been feeling well lately.  And the last time she'd felt like this hadn't turned out too hot...

 Shannon raised his glass.  "To good friends and family!" he said.

"Cheers!" smiled Brittany.

 "Benjamin... I'm so sorry... I have some bad news for you..." Sonja willed herself not to start crying again.

Benjamin looked concerned.  "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

Sonja wiped the tear away.  "Yes, I'm fine. It's just that.  I guess our protection didn't work... I found out I'm... pregnant..."

Benjamin smiled as he whooped. Walking forward he held Sonja's hands.  "That's not bad news. That's wonderful!"

"Marry me Sonja! Let's raise our child together. Even Alton. I love him just as I would love any child of ours."

"Are you sure Benjamin? This is what you want?"

Benjamin laughed as he slipped the ring on her finger.  "More sure than anything else in this world.  I've loved you since you came home infatuated with the idiot. I'll always love you!"

And Benjamin happily moved in.  Snuggling with Alton, he thought happily, "my family."


"What are you doing here Ashley? You know Benjamin and Sonja are at work! You need to leave!" Brittany admonished.

Ashley just smiled and picked up his little boy who had been playing outside in the front yard.  "What? Can't a man say hello to his boy?!"

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  1. "How in the world did his baby girl fall for such an idiot?" ahahahahaha, best line ever XDDD! Well, there was a bit of chaos, but things turned out very well for Sonja after all :).

  2. In a way I feel kinda bad for Ashley. Almost like he wants to do the right thing, but doesn't know quite how to without coming looking like the idiot the family perceives him to be!


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